Michael Wurstbauer

Glasgow School of Art, BA (Hons) Fine Art Photography (2003)

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Artist Statement:

Beside my B.A. Degree show and a few group exhibitions in my time of study I exhibited at Glasgow Royal Theatre in April/May 2003 together with Asa Landstroem.

List of enclosed reproduction of works:

1. Light Through Glass And Grit 02, 2003, 151cm x 100cm
2. Light Through Glass And Grit 03, 2003, 120cm x 100cm
3. Light Through Glass And Grit 06, 2003, 146cm x 94cm
4. Light Through Glass And Grit 09, 2003, 120cm x 100cm
5. November Field 1, 2003, 101cm x 82.5cm
6. November Field 2, 2003, 101cm x 81cm
7. November Field 4, 2003, 101cm x 86cm
8. November Field 5, 2003, 101cm x 77cm
9. Kirkcaldy 2000-03, 120cm x 87.5cm, b&w photograph
10. Drawing (unfinished) 2002-03, 140cm x 95cm, technical pen drawing ink


All works except 9. and 10. are original photograms (no negative involved means no extra copies), selenium toned, on heavy fibre based b&w photographic paper. They have been shown hanging on the wall with small paperclips on nails. However, more suitable for public display in busy places, I am currently working on large box frames, which will see the ‘paper works’ loosely (i.e. not mounted) fixed behind glass. Please also visit www.artfrog.co.uk in the near future where four high quality reproductions of my pictures will be on display and relatively cheaply for sale.

Artist Statement and future project:

I consider my pictures essentially as urban landscapes. I am keen on making pictures about the city in a non-representational way. I want to suggest fantastical, interior landscapes and in this way leave open possibilities for the imaginative mind. Contemplation, light and darkness are important parts in my work.
The motivation for making photograms stems from an interest in drawing and photography combined, in particular rendering highlights and creating receding dark tones in order to create an illusion of 3-D space. The process for the Light Through Glass And Grit series involves individual exposures to light while moving the material (pieces of broken car windows) over the paper surface. With this layering of individual marks I also want to respond to the heightened attention on the silver grain compared to the pixel within the last decade of digital photography. Thus I am both interested in aspects of craft in b&w photography and in the spirit of new digital technology.

For a future project I intend to make photograms of scratch marks on public spaces such as bus shelters and phone booths. The nature of a photogram will require physical contact and becomes almost like a cast. At the same time I will work on a large drawing consisting of criss-cross lines in excess, reflecting the intensity behind those found scratch marks

Michael Wurstbauer

Glasgow School of Art, BA (Hons) Fine Art Photography (2003)

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