Miguel Santos

London Guildhall university: BA fine arts

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“walking in”


“ Somewhere out there, #London”




“The penguin affair”


“Talking about...”






Artist Statement
Art is a branch of knowledge based in individual experiences; and in order to learn we must question.
My work is about questioning the self.
The means to attain that purpose are what define our human condition: language, behavior, memories, feelings, and the body.
My work normally translates that in the form of time based media, video installation and photography.
I don’t expect to give answers, as I am looking for the questions. I just hope to provide the individual experiences to engage the observer in the learning process.
Writing – colour videotape, no sound.
Writing, deals with alienation provided by language; or what may be called the endless delirium of language.
The comfort of a closed sistem, such as language, can derail into linguistic debates avoiding the debate of the contents. The medium can not be the message.
The penguin affair- Two channels (colour and B/W) video instalation, no sound.
The Penguin Affair, is about trust/hope/faith in the future. Although Human kind frames his existence in language; we share the same trust in the future with less tautologic species.
But, can we get the right balance?

Feelscapes - the stills, is part of a major work that explores the relation between knowledge as memories, and experiences as emotions.
Our life is built over layers of knowledge and experiences; and each new layer will question or confirm the previous ones. Can we name those layers?

Talking about
- Colour vidoetape, stereo sound, 3 minutes.
Talking about..., explores the relation between emotions and basic daily routines.
Does our daily routines affect the way we experience life? Does our experince of life affects our daily routines? And why is that?

Somewhere out there #London
Somewhere Out there - #London, is the result of journeys defined in time and space.
How do we relate with space and time in an urban reality? Are we still nomads inside?

Walking in
Walking in, was the turning point in my work. The outside search become dehumanized and without knowing it, i was already turning inside. This was the result of a six weeks journey in Chile.

Miguel Santos

BA fine arts at London Guildhall university

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