Miles Halpin

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a star passed


back in the city




heat haze




one thing leads to another


reap as you sow




small things




Artist Statement:

"The use of layers of steel is integral to my work: receding, peeling and revealing, suggesting a hidden extended mass, and hinting of undiscovered treasures beneath. More particularly, what is important to me is the interaction between layers - how one layer partly determines the next. Like one moment following from another, there is a certain inevitability inherent in the first that determines the last. The beginning of a process implies and contains its end; and the idea of Process acting over time lies at the heart of much of my work.

There is a clear visual relationship with maps, and my work is strongly influenced by natural forms - landscapes, bodies, fossils, rock formations, bones, skin....the surfaces of the world and the hidden structures that lie beneath. But I am equally concerned with the processes involved in the forming of these features: erosion, geological movements and disruptions, subtle fault lines and weaknesses, entropy, things worn away, things dying and decaying, yet becoming something beautiful in the trajectory of their decline. I see these processes operating everywhere on every level, I see them in the world, I can feel them on my skin and in my heart, shaping my identity.

The material processes that have created landscapes are ultimately just series of events, some having a greater impact than others. On a personal level I can feel how analogous processes and events have formed my own internal landscape, my identity. And the mapping of these internal emotional events in the landscape of my identity is perhaps what my work is about. "

Miles Halpin

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