Monica Hughes

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Artist Statement

I wanted to provide ‘an experience’ for the senses. I have found I cannot resist touching things (particularly in Galleries!) and I am constantly being told ‘don’t touch!’ I therefore wanted to encourage people to instinctively touch and interact with my work.

I have taken discarded materials which have no value and would otherwise have been thrown away to load a landfill site forever more. By changing the materials use or placement I have put a new value on them - giving the materials I use a new purpose. I think everything has a possibility of metamorphosis and in this ‘throw away’ society I would like to demonstrate the endless possibilities of this principle.

In view of the fact that these are found materials; on the whole my work would be one off pieces. My main concerns are colour, texture, and form. The form and placement of materials are dictated by the material itself i.e. looking at the full range of possibilities that the material will lend itself to and the most appropriate setting. I would therefore be happy to undertake commissions and I am particularly interest in clients who can provide their own discarded materials for my delectation!

Monica Hughes

Drawing Table: MDF, sprayed, coloured pencils. W450xL450mm H550mm

Hairy Chest: MDF, sprayed, stripped telephone wire. H300xW300mm L190mm

Light Weight: Magazine strapping, LED’s. H700mmxW290,mm

Tickling Stick: Magazine strapping, LED’s. H2000mmx700mm

Tumble Weed: Telephone wire, LED’s. H180mmxW320mm

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