Mutiat Gbadamosi

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Relish logo



all promo copy


milk can


lift shake poster fin


TH-logo stationary


Artist Statement:

1. Relish -ISTD brief : (Awarded membership of the ISTD in the 2003 student assessment scheme.) Organic Fast food franchise serving fast fun and nutritious food to 16-30 year olds. The design solution is a celebration of the fact that organic food tastes a lot better than its GM counterpart. Shown are the Logo, packaging, promotional fact cards and poster designs.

2. TH Recruitment -Live Project: Corporate Identity and stationary for Newark based general recruitment consultancy. This was conducted as a joint project with my coursemate Sarah Hyder. The design solution was to reflect the personal approach taken by the company, by meeting with both clients and customers, and providing this service with a smile. Shown are the definitive Logo and stationary designs (I'm having trouble displaying the borderline of the compliment slip but I hope you'll still be able to make out where it is)

3. Milk - Re -Branding: A bid to market Milk as the new soft drink. Aimed specifically at men aged 16-35, it is to changed their perceptions about the product and project it as a drink one can have in when out with friends at cafes, bars etc a healthier alternative to the sugary soft drink brands in the market. Design solution included packaging and poster campaign.

Mutiat Gbadamosi

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