Mykola Dzhychka

Pre-Carpathian University(Ukraine)

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Morning under Tower Bridge,2004,acrylic on canvas


Fish and chicks,2004,mixed media.
















Artist Statement:

This is a modern world wrapped up in millions of structures of absolutely different social relationships-human patterns with their vivid or blurry colours, dynamic or static forms, graceful or abrupt lines where everyone is under the influence of similar adopted rules and habits. Everything in that world can be put into doubt because everything is so undefined.
I know it is not my surrounding but this is part of my life travelling.
I think I have been trapped in a variety of contemporary and classic techniques. Often I spend hours reviewing and analysing many of them together.
Can I combine any art technique which together are even difficult to imagine?
Yes, I can, especially when this work gives me some unknown inspiration.
My creativity is rooted in a harmonisation of two or more absolutely different characters in composition in order to explore the boundaries imposed on us by the variety in modern world. It is a clearly readable visual reflection of thoughts and psychological controversy of inner world in a decorative way with a symbolic flavour within a realistically depicted portrait.
Great temptation is to create the question on canvas of a smooth connection of opposite things in reality. The experimental combination of realistic and decorative worlds should be in a romantic light. My passion is the expression of the contrasting behaviour of human forms-human patterns. Red and orange, my favourite colours, create a heavy encouragement for a viewer in the bright patterns, diluted from their psychedelic origin by the intrusion of innate feminine sexuality and decorum.
I am inspired by the style and palette of erotic imagery of art “Nouveau”-Gustav Climt, Alphonse Mucha, C. R. Mackintosh and Henry van de Velde. Their decorative lines and elegant tender manner have lured my soul since studding in High school. I also like psychedelic poster art expression in 60-70th in USA.


Mykola Dzhychka

Pre-Carpathian University named after Vasyl Stefanyk in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
Graduated in 1999.
Obtained the complete Higher Education in the Major "Fine Art" and was qualified as
Teacher of Fine Art and Technical Drawing.

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