Niki Rice

The University of Westminster, London - Public Art Concept & Development

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Artist Statement

“Obvious to Kandinsky, and implicit in his theory of art, that the artist might begin with colour and form, not in order to express an inner need, but rather to stimulate an emotional reaction. If colours have physical effects, if they can be combined to induce a wide range of moods and emotions; if shapes are also forces that penetrate our consciousness with physical effect (as sounds do), then why not use these possibilities in a deliberate and determined way to produce an aesthetic reaction (or even a spiritual reaction) in the spectator? “

How does a painting induce a certain chemical reaction, emotional response or state of mind in a person?

Truly powerful things tend to engage our senses. If they engage several senses at the same time such as the visual and auditory (TV, films, computer games) or smell, taste and touch (eating or sex) they tend to occupy a great deal of our attention.

Experiencing a painting generally only engages one sense and I believe it is therefore important that an artwork communicates something to the observer.

Colour, lighting, opacity and texture are the main elements I like to play with in my work.

I hope my work engages the imagination of the viewer, that they complete the painting by their brain trying to make sense of a piece (like seeing images in clouds) and therefore constructing some reality to it and engaging their imaginations. I find it difficult to name a painting because I do not want to define it, rather to hint at a World or space instead of a prescriptive label of what I think they must see.

I take inspiration from many sources and many creators (Dali, Turner, Kandinsky, Chihuly, Giger, Gaudi) anything from films, glass, space, through to places I travel, reflections I see, sometimes a painting will flow intuitively and I like to play with that, enjoying the state of mind I get into when I create.

I like to think of myself as a creative person rather than to label myself too narrowly. At the moment I am focusing on painting and enjoying the freedom of expression that the fluidity of paint gives. I have worked in different materials and mediums in the past and I hope to do so again in the future. Producing site-specific artworks, be it a painting or an installation, is an area that interests me.



Feb 1999 – June 1999 The University of Westminster, London

Public Art Concept & Development

Sep 1994 – July 1997 Coventry University, Coventry

BA (Hons) Art & Craft (Wood, Metal, Textiles and Glass)

Two group exhibitions, one at the Custard Factory in Birmingham and one at an art gallery in Coventry plus the groups final degree show.

Sep 1993 – June 1994 DeMontfort University, Leicester

Foundation Courses

Sep 1989 – June 1992 Exeter College, Exeter

A Levels: Art, English Literature & Communications Studies



Aug 1999 – June 2005 Rice & Dore Holdings Limited, London

Operational Manager

Main responsibilities were recruiting new employees, organising their induction and ongoing training and organising career reviews, reward schemes and benefits. In addition helping to organise and run the administration of the London office as well as establishing offices and hiring employees in New York and Hong Kong. Other responsibilities involved the maintenance of the office premises and general facilities management, health & safety and organising international offsite activities.

Sep 1997 – July 1999 Staff Line Recruitment, Coventry


Recruited and coordinated temporary staff for various industrial positions.

Niki Rice

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