Oliver Horsman

The London Institute of Art and Design

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Bubble - £120

This piece is an 18cm cube of glass with a black enamelled plinth and brackets with self illuminating light. It was inspired by air bubbles travelling through water. Acrylic was airbrushed onto the panes, creating a 3D image. The sculpture and shelf stands 36 cm tall and protrudes 18.5cm from the wall. This piece has two balls, one inside the other and - depending on your angle - either the outer ball or inner ball is visible.

Opti - £210

This sculpture is made from a new type of glass called opt white. The glass has a low iron content which means it is completely clear. This piece has a black enamel ball with an acrylic white shadow. The glass is 18cm cubed. When on its holding shelf it stands 36 cm tall and comes 18.5cm from the wall.

Droplet - £150

This is based around a photo of a droplet hanging from a leaf, waiting to drop, defying gravity. To play on this, the artist flipped it upside-down to make it seem like it was rising rather than falling. This piece has been painted in two layers, first blue and then white, which gives it a shimmering quality and - depending on your vantage point - it changes colour.

Reform - £1050

This sculpture is housed in a wall so that it can be viewed from two different rooms. Including the 6'' black enamelled frame, this piece is 90cm tall, 130cm wide and 20cm deep. Housed inside the frame is a mixture of ultraviolet and fluorescent strip lights to emphasise form and increase contrast between colours and depth.

This piece was inspired by the randomness of nature. It features six colours and a number of randomly placed balls, all individually airbrushed in a mixture of acrylic and enamel paints, some of which are ultraviolet reactive.



Artist’s Statement

Layer upon layer of sheer cut glass is stacked, to create a fluid like three-dimensional canvas, inside of which fluorescent forms float. Refraction of light creates the optical illusion of a solid shape appearing from nowhere. This sculpture attempts to control the form utterly, creating a crisp, precise piece. This precision is unusual for the medium which has a quality of ‘live-ness’ in its ever changing form, akin to nature. Due to this shifting structure, similar to that of water, each viewer will have a personal experience of the forms depending on their vantage point. The viewer can then interact with the piece, changing their viewpoint to gain a different experience, with the forms disappearing and reappearing in their liquid environment. This piece is influenced by my love of form at its most basic, using bold shapes and colours to emphasise the qualities of the medium. My original idea was a literal self-portrait enclosed within the glass, and as the idea developed I felt myself becoming more attached to the piece, and found that these elements of self-portrait remained, reflecting my passions and fears in their most primitive form. My dyslexia often makes me feel alone and this is reflected in my work. This is a very personal piece which I was able to totally immerse myself in, encasing my emotions in the safety of the glass.

Structure has always excited me and the perfection of form and lines is something that I see above the surface of everyday life. Although these precise structures are obvious in the man made world, the confusion of nature reveals an underlying structure which is not at first apparent, and which produces the basis for the project. This relationship between nature and industry comes together in this piece. Coming from the Forest of Dean I have been surrounded by these patterns in nature and am interested in taking these natural concepts to an urban environment. Although ostensibly the exhibit appears cold and unemotional, consisting of a sterile room with precise harsh images, the rippling medium and warm lighting gives the sculptures life and movement.



Oliver Horsman

The London Institute of Art and Design

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