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Cream 3
100 artists, 10 curators, 10 source artists

The third edition in this internationally recognized series devoted to contemporary art. Cream3 offers an authoritative view on the art world of today and tomorrow. The 100 artists in Cream3 show a variety of ideas and forms in contemporary art and have risen to an international platform since 1997 or, in the opinion of the curators who have selected them, are about to do so. Each artists work is represented in two double-page spreads, featuring numerous examples of work, arranged AZ, accompanied by a short biography and bibliography and a text by the curator who selected them. New to this edition of "Cream" is each curator's selection of a "Source" artist whom they feel has influenced or created the context for the new generation. These 10 "Source" artists provide a wider historical framework in which to view the new work.



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