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No Logo
Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein traces the growth in power and wealth of multi-national corporations and the global reaction this has provoked amongst civic society, trade unions and environmental activists. Her book, No Logo, shows the explosion of this growth in advertising spending, globally worth £267 billion in ‘98, designed primarily to create brand names with which the audience would come to identify, revolutionising business thinking more towards marketing, rather than purely manufacturing. Even to the extent of large corporations such as Nike completely withdrawing from manufacturing any of their own products and instead concentrating on their design and marketing to become identified in people's minds with sporting excellence, rather than just training shoes.
Klein’s contention is that over the past ten years the most successful modern businesses are those that have abandoned making things in favour of marketing images. Products are no longer to be judged by their functional qualities, but as embodying key cultural ideas (coolness, intelligence or athleticism) which require colonising as much public and private space as possible.



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