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Preparing your online art gallery

How can I have my own Gallery on

4. Its easy, send us an e-mail with up to 10 images attached and details about yourself e.g. name, address, University and course studied, project and artists statement. We will not display your address or phone number in your gallery.

We will do the rest. We'll create your page, and provide the following features:

  • Feedback form
  • Up to 10 images / animations / video-clips per page
  • Artists statement and details
  • Link to your own site (if applicable)

The artist always retains ownership and copyrights of the original artwork unless arranged otherwise.

If you have photographs and do not have access to a scanner then send us your images negatives, transparencies or DV tape in the post and we will scan them in for you. All images and media will be returned. For our address e-mail us at

When you opt to have a portfolio page hosted by there are a few steps which you should try and take in order for the transaction and hosting of images to run smoothly. If the images have a large file size (over 250k) then only attach one per e-mail, as multiple attachments may not send properly.

Preparing Your JPEGs

Your allows for the display of around 10 images, more or less...

JPEGs should not be larger than 700 pixels wide by 700 pixels deep.
JPEGs should not exceed 100k each in file size.
JPEGs should be at 72 pixels per inch resolution.

All images will be recompresses by our image editing team optimised for the internet.

If these standards are beyond you then just try sending them anyway. Good luck.
Alternatively use the Snail Mail.


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