Peter Barrett

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Peter Barrett

Artist Statement

My work is a reconciliation, a reconciliation between many things, between the female and the male, between the natural and the manmade, between myself and other people, between the old and the new, between high and low brow, joining personal experience with wider spheres of thought and emotion.


My recent box series straddles disciplines, inhabiting a space between sculpture and performance, the environments I constructed or appropriated being as integral to the piece as my form within them. These overtly masculine environments, obviously man-made, allowed me to contrast within them my own fragile, vulnerable form.


Whilst the sculptural forms of my work are very important equally so are the personal ideas behind them, those consciously included and those that almost subconsciously evolve within a piece. Themes that repeatedly introduce themselves within my work deal with the opposing sides of my nature, the harder, more typically masculine traits, and the more emotional, typically female characteristics. These facets of myself are often present within a certain emotional situation or trend which I focus the work upon.


Peter Barrett

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