Peter De Saintis

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Contrast Series-composition 8 .jpg
Contrast Series-composition 8


Contrast Series-composition 9.jpg
Contrast Series-composition 9












Contrast Series-composition 1.jpg
Contrast Series-composition 1


Contrast Series-composition 2.jpg
Contrast Series-composition 2


Contrast Series-composition 3.jpg
Contrast Series-composition 3


Artist Statement

My work consists of a variety of styles, which i believe to be very important in achieving the exploration of art. Portraits and figurative work have inspired me more than any other field in art, as has photography.

I prefer to work fast and therefore choose to use chalk pastels, pencil and acrylic as my mediums in order to create each piece within a short amount of time, wich also in turn adds to my immediate technique.

I have been commissioned to draw and paint portraits for clients, restoring photographs to works of art in a fashion that suits the clients.

I was one of twelve winners of the Apthorp Fund for Young Artists' competition, in which i had to produce a piece of work that suited public display.

Progession and innovation are my motivators, i try and apply these two influences in everthing i do, so as not to get stale in what i paint, but to always search and question what has been done before in order for me to break boundaries that i have not yet touched upon.

I also compose music and write poetry, which i also believe adds and reflects onto my work.

Peter De Saintis

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