Peter Wright

Surrey Institute of Art and Design BA Packaging 2002

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Sentinel logo

British Spirit

Japanese Seaweed snacks

Chinese takaway solo

Paper focus packs

Wedding Chocolates

Value Shampoo

ARTISTS STATEMENT: I am and 'brand packaging' specialist, and have a
personal need to lead branding in a way that tackles new and controversial
social issues, with an ethical stance, to use branding as a powerful tool in
moulding our future...our culture.


Posters 001 - 005: "would you take the male pill?" This was a poster
campaign to educate family men to a new product (the male contraceptive
pill) The posters are strong visual guide to illustrate how the drug works
on the body, its effects, benefits, and social relevance. This typography
solution was used, as it is clear and easy to pick up the concept of a
complicated and controversial new product. Typefaces and body shapes were
deliberately selected to add meaning. Colour was extremely sensitive.

Sentinel logo: A brand to extend and go with male pill poster campaign. "A
21st century product for the new man... the family man who takes a new role
in family planning and responsibility"

British spirit logo: A Primary brand logo to front the "European Protected
Food Names Scheme" in Britian. To Be applied to products produced regionally
in Britain, promoting regional produce.

Japanese Snacks: Seaweed dipper snacks for Japanese school kids age5+ pack
contains sea flavoured dips and seaweed sheets to be rolled and dipped as a
lunch box snack.

Chinese Solo: Packs to make Chinese ready meals more exciting and cultural.
For single people. Volumetric revised for more appropriate single portion.

Paper focus: Packing for a light bulb, using no glue, fixings, sellotape or
other man made fixing. Solution uses single sheet of paper only.

Wedding chocolates: Chocolates for wedding reception dinners. Handle
incorporates a nametag to seat the guests at the table where the pack is
located. The date of manufacture is embossed on the back to add souvenir
value. Contains three Champaign truffles.

Values Shampoo: Value range of toiletries that sit correctly in Superdrug’s target audience. Simple and containing a suitable tone of voice.

Peter Wright

Surrey Institute of Art and Design BA Packaging 2002

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