Phoebe Pui-Yan Chung

Kent Institute of Art & Design : BA (HONS) Visual Communication

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Title: Camouflage
Task: Packaging and Promotion design
Aims: I aim to explore the concepts of traveling, in particular females
who travel abroad alone.

Traveling alone to an unfamiliar country can be viewed to be rather
Travelers could be swindled, be cheated, be deceived, or have prank jokes played upon. Racism is also another major aspect. I, myself have come across this and experienced it first handed when I traveled around Europe.
I felt awkward and highly discriminated when I came across people who were staring and pointing at me in a weird way, which obviously revealed that they were racist to a certain extent, due to the fact that I was
a different skin colour to them. It automatically divides a boarder line between us. A while ago I watched a BBC documentary 'My Days As A White Man', about a black man who went under disguise as a white man.
It highlighted how he was treated before and after the treatment.
I found this documentary very interesting so decided to develop this idea further. I plan to introduce a travel kit where one can disguise oneself to blend in with the surrounding people, to give a fake identity on the surface. But this is only purely a disguise, which can only deceive people about one's appearance not character. I also
hope to bring my knowledge and experience with Photoshop and Packaging Design and in process understand the design concepts of a good design package.

Title: TV License
Task: Direct Mail
Aims: To attract students to buy a TV license, and prevent the risks of a


My target audience is aimed at students who live in student residences. Students are often attracted to sexual fantasies, therefore I chose this for my theme. During the course of research and development I came up with several ideas involving sexual related images to promote my TV License. My final outcome was a cover with two images of students half naked in bed, covered up with a duvet cover with their TV. This is my ideas of what it would be like if students do not buy a TV License, they would have to live their life under covered and hide.
During development I came up with several slogan examples, my final slogan was protect yourself and others, have one and be safe this was printed on the front cover of my direct mail. The idea was to attract students to open it and read it. The shape of the cover is cut into the shape of condom packaging to relate to my sexual imaging. Once the envelope is opened, people will see a sexual image on both the front and back of the leaflet; this is suppose to make them confused about the subject matter and move on to read more. After opening it will reveal information about TV Licensing, the costs and outcomes if it is not paid. The leaflet also includes a fill in and return form to apply for a license.

Work Experience: You Three Creative Limited
Summer 1999

Languages: Cantonese( native), Mandarin (basic),
English (satisfactory)

Computer Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash,
Premiere, Dreamweaver,
Microsoft Word, Internet

Phoebe Pui-Yan Chung

BA (HONS) Visual Communication Kent Institute of Art & Design
1999 - June 2002

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