Ralph Dunn

Accepted for Post Graduate Diploma Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art and Design,2005

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38 hours of solitude.jpg
38 Hours of Solitude,2002,
record collection,collage,metal bolt,30dia.x9.5cm


gilded frames,glass,paint,56x300x5cm


gas mask,plaster,car body filler,gold leaf,35x20x9cm


glass bottles,ping-pong ball,pvc tape,58x11dia.


mirror mirror.jpg
Mirror Mirror,2004,
gilded frames,glass,paint,56x115x5cm


neo this neo that.jpg
Neo This Neo That,2005,
chrome plated helmet,17x31x25cm




Rock Candy,2004,
gloss paint on stone,18x30x23cm


antlers,nail varnish,48x64x38cm


war puzzle.jpg
( Inglorious End of a Zeppelin),2004,unique jigsaw puzzle in box,43x60x5cm



Artist Statement

I am concerned with the making of objects and images,their transformation and re-presentation as objects of desire.I make reference to sexuality,pleasure and personal and collective histories.I also acknowledge the dark side of the psyche and the cathartic power of fantasy and illusion.

Transformations can occur on physical,emotional and psychological levels.

I engage with ideas concerning the emotional investments we make in relation to objects,images,spaces and places and the perceptual and conceptual constructs or projections we create in order to understand our relationship with something and fulfill our desire for meaning.

The idea of doubles,mirror images,opposites and dualities hold my attention.I am also concerned with ideas of inversion,subversion and displacement,multiple and serial forms as well as the implications of concealing and revealing,of what is hidden beneath the surfaces of things and how these surfaces reveal other complexities.


Ralph Dunn

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