Ray Jackson

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Artist Statement:

Ray Jackson, was originally a graduate of Newcastle College of Art & Industrial Design. He has recently returned to art and illustration after a career as a professional musician and for the last decade as an events manager for a major brewery.

Ray specialises in capturing the liveries and colours of buses from a bygone age and has undertaken many commissions, as well as producing his trademark heritage pictures of vehicles in local scenes.

In recent weeks I advised of an exhibition of painting at Witney. A report has been sent by Brian Matthews which I am sure will interest many readers. Brian says :-
As promised here is the "roving report" from my visit this morning to the museum........

The technical quality of the original art displays of buses by Ray Jackson in the Witney Museum display was excellent - the pen and ink mode being well suited to the subject matter, with the style of emphasising the bus or coach in perfectly accurate vibrant colours on a quieter background lending an almost 3D effect to the scene.

The subjects included some half a dozen LT offerings, including most of the RT lineage and four of local interest, including COMS, Olivers and a 1930's GWR Gilford coach. On a purely personal note I was so pleased to see that the attention to fleet number, destination locations etc., cannot be faulted. (I find that many transport art works fail miserably in this aspect, with out of size and incorrect numbering etc.)

There were 11 originals and 1 limited edition print and they were all laid on double mats and well framed in plain beech. They all had price labels and I'm sure that some will soon be well displayed in some enthusiast's homes.

I am sure those who missed this exhibition will be sad they did not have the opportunity.

Ray Jackson

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