Rebecca Bartholomew

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Artists Statement

Being a child of the MTV generation I was faced with the challenge of finding a subject matter interesting enough that it could hold my attention long term.
It seemed the obvious solution was to use myself and through out my working practise this has only grown in abundance.
For this piece I have looked at a personal issue that I have shy-ed away from dealing with previously. Unlike my past work, I feel that with this piece I have come a long way in learning to challenge the information that I share and have learnt to become more honest with myself and the viewer, moving away from my typically cluttered and overly informative style to speak in a subtler and less direct way.
This piece of work is about journeys, integrating that of past, present and future in what appears to be a single narrative.
I have often looked at identity through the eyes of others and do so in this work to try and give the viewer an anchor point for which to question the work with.
I hope from this work that each viewer will take away a different reading determined by their own life experiences.


Rebecca Bartholomew

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