Richard Coles

BA Product Design

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The Future of Music Storage Within the Home.

BA(Hons) Product Design

Product Design Final Project 3B 2005

The storage of music in digital format is becoming more popular every day as a result of products such as the I-pod and modern computers. However computers are often placed in non-communal areas of the house such as the study or hallway. Physical CD’s acquired over years take up needed space ending up in various places throughout the home. My intention was to create a high fidelity system, which allows you to store and organise your entire CD collection while still making it accessible and playable all around the home.

My final design addressed all these issues consisting of a range of three products designed to be purchased separately. The HD Jukebox contains all of you CD collection on its built in HD and uses a 56k modem to retrieve track listings. The unit can be easily removed from its docking station and using a friendly user interface allows you to browse for tracks and upload an entire CD collection from the comfort of an armchair.

Using wi-fi technology the Remote Access Point allows you to access the music collection from anywhere in the home and play it through an independent Amplified Speaker System.

The Design is aimed to appeal to any market group but the shape, colour and ergonomic considerations are designed for a mature market of 40+ using a 1960’s retro design influence to appeal to their youthful nature.



Richard David Coles

I studied at my local high school until the age of eighteen where after studying an A-level in Design & Technology and a GNVQ in Information Technology I joined the University of Hertfordshire to achieve a BTEC Diploma in Art & Design Foundation which helped me decide which degree was best suited for me. I stayed on at Hertfordshire where I studied for a BA(Hon) in Product Design where I was given the opportunity to work along side the design teams for Imagination, Ford and Canon UK . Outside of my education I achieved a grade five level in the Saxophone, joined a local Badminton Club, Gym and my local Territorial Army Unit learning essential team working skills and discipline.

Recently I have displayed my work at the New Designers exhibition in Islington, London and have been invited the show my work at the Ideal Home Show at Earls Court, London in spring 2006. I look forward to finding a career as a product designer in the near future.

Richard Coles

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