Richard Webster

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20th century girls


Britney 1 (Detail)


Britney 1(lip movements


Britney 2 (178 lip movement


Everybody's on Top of the P


Girl form Bolton 89x179 c


I love my baby cos' she does



Artist Statement:

"The paintings work on many levels but primarily they are about painting and the painting as a three dimensional experience. At first sight they encourage the viewer to adopt a very modern method of viewing that is by half closing ones eyes. This is something we have all done when trying to make out the censored parts on 'You've Been Framed'. To this end I should warn you that in some cases you are looking at close up shots of female genitalia.

Female. On another level the work or at least the image part of the work is about figuration and draws on the historical preoccupation with figuration mainly being female and to some extent soft porn. The work then questions, by including images of Britney Spears, Pop and the selling of Pop as also being soft porn.

Ultimately the image is a censored pixilated image of a female Pop Star, who has to live one life in the public eye and also try to hold together a life that includes her real self. Sound familiar? Yes that's all of us. The life we lead very often does not consider our real self, we sensor it. We pixilated it."


Richard Webster

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