Robin Stanford

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Alhambra Palace, Granada -
price £160


Cactus one
price £130


Cactus two
price £130


Cactus three
price £130


price £200


Poker Plant
price £160


Prague at night
price £170


Prague Rooftops
price £170


Rusting Bridge
Price: £180


Artist Statement:
My photographs are primarily influenced by pattern, structure and texture, whether it is the man made structures of architecture or the infinitely more complex patterns in the natural world.

Every building, no matter how humble, has something that can capture the imagination. Whether it's the colour of the stonework when the sun hits it at a certain time, or the way shadows enact with the shape of the building itself. I try to capture elements from that building that elict an emotional response, using warm colours and lighting where possible.

At a bugs eye viewpoint, Plants, flowers and the natural world present a dizzying array of structural patterns and colours, that cannot be replicated in stone or glass, but continue to inspire artists and architects to this day.

My images are all printed onto tough canvas using ultrachrome ink and mounted on gallery wrap stretcher frames, and are either 40cm x 40cm, or 40cm x 60cm.

Robin Stanford

For sales, commissions and to send comments to the artist.


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