Roger Colson

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19 Atlantic Brer Cornwall


11 Eighty Mile Beach




Ironstone Cove oil on Canva


Jasmoldi 36oil on Canvas


Pugera Beach canvas 2002


Peace at Last Canvas 2002


Morning in Achill Ireland


Rain on the HorCanvas 2002


Sunshinen Day


Artist Statement:

My work has developed over the years from using pen and ink to draw flowers comprising of hundreds of closely spaced dots, to employing a wide range of techniques including mixed media and oil paint onto either canvases or
sections of naturally shaped wood.

Oil paint is often dripped and sprayed onto large and small canvases to give the perception of depth. It is really a development of the technique used when producing drawings with pen and ink.My works on canvas vary in size but more recently, my inclination is to paint on large surfaces - the more ambitious projects are six feet high.

There are no preliminary drawings and the basic shapes and colours that are produced are altered and moved around the canvas over a period of weeks and possibly months.Some paintings are created using a special preparation base of sand and
glue, which is spread onto naturally shaped flat wood surfaces and further enhanced with numerous glazes over a period of months to give a semi smooth, but unusually textured surface. Only then is the surface ready to receive
oil paint.

The paintings are finally finished with a coating which includes a matt varnish in order to give a very slight, barely visible shine.

The Surface of these paintings are very stable due to the lengthy preparation process.

Paintings are very rarely completed in one session.

Most of the paintings are inspired by detailed observations of the changing
weather systems experienced during extensive travelling around the world.


Karen Taylor Contemporary Art, London
Lemon Street Gallery, Truro
A & K Wilson, Harpenden
The Affordable Art Fair, London ( With The Leith Gallery )
Gallery One, London
The Torrance Gallery, Edinburgh

The Royal College of Art, London 'Art on Paper'
Christie's, London. 'Art for Life'
Winds of Change Gallery, Cheltenham
The Torrance Gallery, Edinburgh
Karen Taylor Contemporary Art, London
The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle upon Tyne
Art Fair FIA 2003 Caracas, Venezuela
Gallery One, London
DeLeon White Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Jogas Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela ( 3 man show )

Art Miami, USA
Art Fair FIA 2004 Caracas, Venezuela




Roger Colson

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