Rosalind Davis

MA in Constructed Textiles. RCA. 1st Year

Chelsea College of Art : BA (Hons) Textile Design.

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Artist Statement:

I graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design BA (Hons) Textile Design, specialising in constructed textiles and am currently at the Royal College of Arts studying Mixed Media Textiles.

I am passionate about stitch as an experimental medium and the inspirations behind my projects are forms of energy, light, movement, ethereality and mysticism. The original concepts range from cityscapes to butterflies, I always draw and paint to express my ideas and use photography to develop a variety of mark-making techniques and have developed a variety of manipulated and decorative techniques.

I specialise in reconceiving and manipulating non-traditional, cheap or manmade materials into innovative fabrics for a couture market. I have created unique surfaces with latex and monofilament through careful experimentation and resolution. I am very interested in combining eclectic materials.

My third year project was called ‘Resurrection of Spirit’ which culminated in manipulating latex into a lace, changing and controlling its aesthetic with a variety of tools. I created 3 fairytale dresses and wall hangings. This work is based on the death, metamorphosis and rebirth of the butterfly. Not only in imagery but also in colour, texture and shape. The delicate butterfly wing is reflected in the brittle and complex nature of the latex and fabric. The death of one stage of life, the beginning of another reflected in the fragile beauty of the dresses. The re-emergence and rebirth is reflected in the colours, iridescence and hues of the materials and latex creating unusual and delicate textiles.

I am always highly experimental and imaginative in my approach to fabric, creating hand-crafted textiles for the couture market. Since beginning at the RCA I have created avant-garde hats, jewellery and accessories collection from the unlikeliest utopia of shop security tags.

MA in Constructed Textiles. RCA. 1st Year

• I am highly experimental and imaginative in my approach to fabric and have developed a variety of manipulated and decorative techniques. I specialize in innovating man-made or artificial materials into unique and beautiful hand-crafted textiles or accessories concentrating on surface design for a couture market.
• Excellent research and design interpretation skills using a wide range of media such as painting, drawing and photography using a variety of expressive approaches to capture my subject.
• Competence and versatile skills on domestic machines and embroidery techniques.
• Technical knowledge of dye processes, material and fabric manipulation and print techniques, fabrics and fibres.
• CAD, Ethos (Multi-head embroidery) Mimaki Experience
• Sales and Development of conceptual& avant-garde accessories & jewellery line


Achievements and Experience.

Exhibition of paintings& photography. 29/03/04-17/05/04.
MoonBow Jakes.

BEDG @ Passione. March 2004. Frankfurt.
International luxury accessories trade show with the British European Design Group.

Work in Progress. RCA. January 2004.
Installation of personal research which was based upon the energy and architecture of the Millennium wheel which developed into a range of jewellery and sculptural hats made from plastic security tags.

FutureMap. London. September 2003.
Future Map is the Institute's showcase for the year’s exceptional graduates and as such is prestigious and exciting opportunity.I was picked from the graduate degrees shows as an emerging and revolutionary new design talent to exhibit at Candid Arts.

Karen Nichol. Freelance Embroidery. Ongoing.
Freehand and machine embroidery techniques for clients such as Matthew Williamson, Julien Macdonald, Clements Ribeiro and Mulberry.

Museum of London Fashion Show. July 2002.
* Realisation of whole design process from concept to samples concluding with a constructed garment for the catwalk, collaborating with staff and students across the London Institute and visiting tutors.

Indigo. Paris. April 2002
Following fashion prediction and trends, working within an industrial brief I created a collection which sold successfully.

DM Limited. Work Placement. April 2002.
* Collating materials, creating mood boards, pattern cutting , stock control and maintenance at a small fashion company.

Independent Fashion Week. April 2000.
Collaborative and innovative catwalk collection with a team of students.

Commissioned Commercial Print and Paintings. 2000&2002.

Published Poet & Singer/ Songwriter.

Rosalind Davis

MA in Constructed Textiles. RCA. 1st Year

Chelsea College of Art : BA (Hons) Textile Design.

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