Rosie Hartnell

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Artist Statement

Rosie has been painting for seven years but only started working with her mix of acrylic and emulsion over the last twelve months.

Although she starts with an initial concept, Rosie seeks freedom in her artwork and will often deviate from her first idea in order to pursue something even more promising and spontaneous. Rosie's work is about having fun rather than adhering to rules and the most important part of painting for her is the opportunity of expression resulting in a work of beauty to inspire and uplift others.

Working with a very hands on approach, most of Rosie's artwork is a combination of emulsion - which gives her work fluidity, and acrylic which adds drama to each piece. Her work is often compared to that of Jackson Pollock.

Ironically, despite the bright vivid colours and passion in her work, Rosie is mainly inspired by life's hard times. After the weighted responsibility of a mortgage at 21 and the breakdown of several key relationships during that period, she suffered from depression for six months. Fortunately her faith in God and the subsequent sale of her house brought her to Henley, where she became inspired to take up her paints once again.

Rosie's artwork is a reflection of the fragility of human relationships and their associated emotions - but it's also a collection that inspires hope, a refusal to give up on life and a belief in the healing touch of love.

10% of Rosie's work will profit d:two - a Henley on Thames community based charity. She can also provide no obligation quotations for commissioned work in addition to her existing portfolio.

Image names:

resize1) Truly Madly Deeply - 24x24' acrylic on canvas £295

resize2) My Comfort - 24x24' acrylic on canvas £345

resize3) Neverending Story - 40x40' acrylic on canvas £595

resize4) Magical Memories - 40x40' acrylic on canvas £sold

resize6) Fiesta - 16x40' acrylic on canvas £195

resize7) Whirlwind in Jamaica - 30x40' acrylic on canvas £495

resize) Glory - 40x40' acrylic on canvas £595

Rosie Hartnell

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