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Artist Statement:

Rossorame born in Torino (Italy), but since the age of ten he lives in Florence, city that he’s very connect.
His studios has a graphic-artistic direction, deepening in independent way and ample to picture and arts in global sense.
He sign his works with the pseudonym “Rossorame” (Redcopper), to confering at this metal, always present, the task of connect with a coherence’ soldering its different artistic cycles.
He paints, creates and build experimental compositions of intellectual searching and visual poem with an informal gestual expressiveness, prevalently on canvas, making use of various techniques and amalgamating color, metal, digital photo, words.
He use to define hiself “ vertical poet”, to point out the mark synesthetic in his visual poem interpretation.
He takes attendance in various exhibitions, personals and collectives, in Italy and in the world.

The overcoming contrast between metal and heat gives a particular style of Rossorame.
The artist, even using copper and metals colours is able to give to canvas enthusiasm and energy, blending and decomposing paints and materials with character and passion.
Some canvas, lovely coats of transparent gloss, hinted to eyes a sensation of softness nearly palpable and create bizarre light’s games.
The artistic journey of Rossorame is a interior journey, paved of positive emotions and adversities, as life; this infuse force, determination and free liveliness to his works, lighting curiosity never extinct on questions abstract and pleasantly unsolved.

His compositions were defined informal and conceptual, but her versatile mind, even sometimes recognize herself, he escapes in static definitions.
Movement, change, continual introspection search, united at healthy and never dulls contradictions, are the vehicles that transport her personality every day to canvas.
A vertical poet, as he loves to define hiself in this moment, she privileges thought at pure state, using matter and colour as instrument to grant concreteness and roughness for words.
A revealed curiosity: some painting conceal hidden words legible only with dark, sonorous devices integrated in canvas, quotations semi-invisibles.
M.M. 2003

Expo & performances

ArtCard - Project by Sharjah Art Museum - United Arab Emirates 2005
Action-Art - Landesverband Berliner - VideoArte – Berlino 12/2004
Palio 2004 – Il Fiorino – Sesto Fiorentino 11/2004
Galleria Stoz Berlin Goethestr 81 – Berlino 11/2004
Galleria Arteconsult – fotodigital – Panama City 10/2004
Galleria Artevariarte slv international art – Firenze 7/2004
Galleria D.Emme – Firenze 2/2004
Galleria Pergola LaborArt - Firenze 1/2004
Omaggio a Telethon – BNL 4 – Firenze 12/2003
Conversatorio Scuola Belle Arti – Santiago de Veraguas - Panama 11/2003
Assistente in opera murales S.Thomas (Aristides U.R.) - Panama City 11/2003
Cittadella dei Musei - IV mostra Confronti Nazionali in Arte – Cagliari 11/2003
Cons.Reg.Toscana e Pergola LaborArt – Firenze 11/2003
Pinacoteca Comunale - I fumi cotti – Ripe San Ginesio (MC) 10/2003
Knaipe – Firenze 9/2003
Castello dell’Imperatore – Prato (Firenze) 7/2003
Arte Mostra Mercato - Arosio (Como) 6/2003
Galleria Pergola LaborArt - Firenze 10/2002
Fortezza da Basso – Firenze 7/2002
Lo Spizzico degli Artisti – Firenze 11/2001
Teatro Mugellini - Potenza Piacenza (MC) 6/2000
Periodico indipendente “Lo Spigolo del Cerchio” 1999
Galleria Arte di Cavoleto (PS) 3/1998
Galleria Arte di Treia (MC) 10/1997
Galleria Arte di Ripe San Ginesio (MC) 7/1997
Omaggio a Emilio Villa - Galleria Accademia Cattani – Bologna 6/1997
Performance & Poesia - Parterre - Firenze 8/1997
Performance & Poesia - Pongo - Firenze 3/1997




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