Ruth Burbery

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The Helvetia


Quetzal Firebird


Aztec Bird




Ocelot Warrior


Scarlet Macaw


Yellowhammers in Ballycommane


Ruth produces unique pieces of textile art incorporating techniques such as hand embroidery, appliqué, hand dyeing and weaving.


Ruth has been an embroiderer since she was six, starting with kits and slowly progressing to the work you see today. When she left school she studied City and Guilds Embroidery, and then moved to Ireland where she continued to develop her skills until she decided to become an artist.

Several commissions have been undertaken, one, an Oriental panel was a year long assignment designed as a privacy screen in the clients gallery. Another unusual and challenging commission was worked in collaboration with an internationally renowned wood sculptor and a contemporary British furniture maker.

About My Work

The techniques used are very time consuming but the final piece conveys the subtle details and colours found in the subject. Each piece of work has a story behind it, one based on the artists move from Ireland to Wales, and several on the survival of particular species from around the World.

The development of the image of embroidery and pushing forward the boundaries of the discipline are very important to the artist


Embarkation -  Made using cotton and Natesh threads. It is based on the artists move from Ireland to Wales. The phoenix traditionally symbolises peace and good fortune and the lotus, purity. The green is for the future and luck and the pink of the flowers for hope.
Size 25"x35"
Year 2003
Price £860

Quetzal Firebird  - Made using cotton and silk. A traditional Aztec design
Size 21"x25"
Year 2002
Price £430

The Helvetia - Made using cotton and Natesh. The Helvetia is a Rhossili landmark. It was wrecked in a storm in 1887. Willow was used to represent water and the gorse was used for protection. The jackdaw is a colourful character often found in Swansea
Size 24.5"x20
Year 2004
Price £430


Aztec Bird - Made using silk and chiffon. A traditional Aztec design
Size 16"x19"
Year 2002
Price £120


Moonscape - Made using handmade felt, ribbon and wool. This piece was inspired by the way moonlight changes the landscape into something otherworldly
Size 11"x9" - This piece could be packed into the tube for transportation. It is hung on metal rods
Year 2005
Price £70


Ocelot Warrior - Made using cotton and silk. A traditional Aztec design
Size 20.5"x20.5"
Year 2002
Price £310

Scarlet Macaw - Made using Natesh and mixed textiles. This piece shows the beautiful scarlet macaw. The branch he is perched on represents the lush rainforest. The background is plain to represent the disappearance of the macaw's habitat
Size 33"x26"
Year 2004
Price £1150

Yellowhammers in Ballycommane - Made using cotton and Natesh. This is where the artist lived in Ireland. It shows the yellowhammers perching on a farm fence post. In Ireland the yellowhammer is becoming rare because farming methods are destroying its habitat
Size 21"x27"
Year 2003
Price £1150

Bullfinch - Made using Natesh and cotton. The bullfinch represents spring in a series of four embroideries
Size 19"x17"
Year 2004
Price SOLD

Nishikigoi - Nishikigoi is a Japanese carp, this stylised embroidery is based on a traditional Japanese design and made using Natesh, cotton and shisha mirrors.
Size 14"x14"
Year 2003
rice SOLD

Ruth Burbery


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