Sachin Parmar

Buckinghamshire Chilterns University: BA (Hons) Graphic Design HND Graphic Design

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Artist Statement:
From a very young age I have always enjoyed illustration and designing, from drawing my favorite cartoon characters to designing and making a bird house.
Over the many years of mindless art classes, from fine art, art history to life portraits, it was hard to define which aspect of design or illustration I wanted to fall into. I asked myself many questions before making a choice
for University, but my final decision was made up as soon as I laid my hands on an Applemac with Adobe Photoshop, and from then on I knew Graphic Design was what I desired in my life.
Graphic Design was not an easy subject to fall into, it was an uphill struggle because I had never practiced Graphic design previously not until my first day on my HND Graphics course on September 21st 1999.
During my HND course, the first year was interesting and filled with many surprises, and as I progressed further into the course I began to think more like a Graphic Designer then an artist. This feeling was very important to
me as I began to look at advertisements, company identities and all other graphic Design related aspects differently to when I did many years previously. During my HND course I learnt how to use Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Quark Express, and Flash5, but with all this computer aided work I began to forget my drawing techniques which needed revisiting.I completed my HND course and moved onto a Top-up degree course in Applied Graphic Design. This was my final year and I knew I needed 100% effort to obtain a good grade, so I maintained to mix my Graphic Design skills as well as my illustration skills to obtain pieces of work which had my personal
I am a very happy person and I try to portray this as much as I can in my work including my illustrations techniques, but sometimes I contemplate whether to use my original pen drawings or my computer aided illustrations.I can fully use Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Quark Express and Flash5, I enjoy drawing and using my illustration techniques in my design work. I have done many pieces of Direct Mail, Corporate Identity, Interactive Cd-roms,
Internet sites, Photography, Package Design, and Typography. The most interesting Graphics work I enjoy is using my favorite program Flash5, because I am able to use Animation, Illustration and Graphic techniques to
produce very intresting pieces of work.

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Insomnia awareness campaign
This was a very interesting project because I had to make people aware of
a disorder which was quite underrated. I decided to go a bit crazy and have
insomniacs dressed up as sheep, killing sheep, because they were fed up of
people telling them to count sheep. My campaign consisted of a Billboard
poster, Magazine insert and a set of 4 collectable postcards. The rest
explains itself...

Sachin Parmar

Buckinghamshire Chilterns University: BA (Hons) Graphic Design HND Graphic Design
HND Graphic Design


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