Simon Vince

Falmouth College of Arts : BA ( Hons ) Graphic Design

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Artist Statement

I believe the fundamental element of graphic design is communication. Graphic design is about having a strong idea and being able to deliver that idea to a specific audience. However, I don’t like to restrict myself to the margins of the term ‘Graphic Designer’. Graphic design to me isn’t only about setting type, designing logos or coming up with a new toilet roll brand (although this is all part of the process); it is about communicating meaning from one person to another. If something is best communicated through a website or an animation for example then the idea should be channelled through the most appropriate medium. I make music, I make film, I make art and I take photos, does this make me a ‘graphic designer’? or a ‘musician’? A ‘film maker’ or an ‘artist’? The answer is, is that this is the greatest advantage, to be a bit of each embracing all these mediums for what I have to communicate and express.
Being both a musician and designer, I am interested in the relationship between the audio and the visual after all; these are the core elements of our society. I feel that both sound and image are very powerful mediums individually, but more so, together as an overall form of sensory expression and communication. I feel that these forms hold other aspects in our existing ideas, not just within music and the way we see but in the way we communicate. My recently completed dissertation focused on the ‘Language of music and its expressive importance in film’, which explored the relationship between what we see and what we hear (particularly in film) and how it effects our perception of our surroundings. I believe that the audio and the visual can bridge language barriers pushing my idea of music as an international language.
I have worked and collaborated with a number of different people within my college working both with music and visual creation producing work for animation/film and work for art installations and festivals. This is where my real passion lies and which I hope will lead me in the direction I want to go, in the future. Please check out my web page where you can download and listen to some of my music.


Simon Vince

Falmouth College of Arts : BA ( Hons ) Graphic Design

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