Sophie Edwards

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Sophie Edwards

Artist Statement

I have recently graduated from the Nottingham Trent University with a degree in Fine Art and am now looking to get exposure for my work.  I was hoping to set up a gallery on the artshole website.

My more recent work, which was also part of my degree show was inspired by hometown of Scarborough, a small seaside town in the North-East of England.  My work began from taking a series of photographs of the town as it is today and then comparing these to older images of the town in its' heyday as a high class holiday resort.

As well as photography I have used screen-print, mixed-media and collage techniques to create a range of work on a subject I feel very strongly about, particularly as the town is currently under going a mass re-generation.

My work aims to highlight social issues about places where I have had my own personal experiences and how the changes within these places have an impact on those who inhabit  them.

I hope that my audience can relate to my work through perhaps having similar experiences of regeneration of their own home town and how places they have loved have been altered and modernised.  As well as having this social themes running through my work, I have tried to achieve images that are aesthetically pleasing


Sophie Edwards


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