Stephanie Dray

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A strange day 2.jpg
A strange day 2


a strange day.jpg
a strange day


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Ama @raison d'etre




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I am bored


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I feel sick


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Jelly Massa@raison d'etre


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Mr Bush 2050


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Music lovers





Artist Statement

I started photography back in France 9 years ago. I mainly worked with black and white, but recently touch more colour photography. I like to do my own print as I truly think that 50% of having a good image is when you compose it and 50% when you print it!!!
Photography allows me to show my very own perception. Mainly I like to work with musicians. There is an emotion with them that I like to capture….
I am the official photographer of the music collective Raison D’etre where I took many live performers in best venue in London.

Also I did some exhibitions 2005: PLUMP: Nude of overweight women. I wanted to show a new perception around what the body should be according to the fashion industry
2006: MONEY:” What a wonderful world”… Money is an absolutely vital commodity for human beings. For the modern man or woman it is as necessary for survival as the very air that we breathe, possibly more so! Whether we try to pursue it or to ignore it, it touches us all. We are surrounded by it, everywhere.
So what’s it all about? Oh I think we all know the answer, POWER of course. It is impossible nowadays to choose to pursue a life without money; we cannot create the basic life we need without financial resources.
Money is a sharp game of manipulation, lies and violence. It leaves most of us stressed, confused, even addicted. We are even made to kill for money.

Stephanie Dray

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