Sue Bradshaw

The Winchester School of Art Fine Art Painting BA (hons)

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Artist Statement

‘Be aware of the silent presence of each thing.
Be aware of the space that allows everything to be.’

Eckhart Tolle ‘Practising the Power of Now’ 2001

My main aim is to create contemplative spaces with silent objects.

The layering of materials and marks is fundamental to my work; erasure and alterations allude to time, creating a history pertinent to each piece. My working process is at once additive and reductive, scraping back thin layers of paint in order to discover what lies beneath and allowing painting mediums to erode layers of pigment. I use colours that refer to both landscape and the human body so that the works cannot be pinned down to any one reading. I am interested in slowing down the viewing process, making works that appear to have weight, yet have a suggestion of fragility or vulnerability.

I try to challenge the traditional conventions of what a painting can do, reinvigorating the painting as a physical object that can more readily be interacted with, and in doing so hope an emotive response is evoked in the viewer.

The physical embodiment of the paintings is central when making and viewing the work. Stitch accentuates the process of construction or de-construction of the painting; the canvas is divided then rejoined, seams strain to hold themselves together, or are diligently sewn and repaired. There is a sense of both equilibrium and tension. The stretcher frame encased within the materiality of the canvas reveals itself by pushing outwards. Folded corners of fabric bruise the painted surface from within. For all their stature, the painted skin of the canvas remains delicate, prone to wrinkles, cuts and tears; the paintings can be seen as metaphors for the human body and mind as it copes with the stresses of day-to-day life.

I have taken work off the wall; a space that traditionally implies a sense of magnitude and importance for the artwork, and inserted them into the viewer’s space, enabling them to physically perceive the paintings. In this way the room as a whole becomes an installation, with the viewer’s eye being drawn from wall piece, to floor piece and all the spaces in-between.

Sue Bradshaw 2004

Sue Bradshaw

The Winchester School of Art Fine Art Painting BA (hons)

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