Sukhi Chumber

2000 – 2003 Metropolitan University of London - MA Jewellery,Silversmithing & Allied Crafts

1996 – 1999 University of Hertfordshire - BA (Hons) Art & Design

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Artist Statement

My work is based upon the ideologies of coincidences and symbols that express such ideas through visual communication. Communication of these ideas is about ‘Synchronicity’ which is: meaningful coincidences, as defined by Carl Jung in the 1970’s. The number 8 plays an important part in my work as it signifies many things to me. Things such as: It signifies luck, In Chinese philosophy, it resembles good fortune, also when turned horizontally it expresses the infinity symbol, which is where my ideas take me, to the sub-conscious level or even the sublime.

It is in this area where I see things take motion, because when making I search deep within my self to that place back of my mind, it’s almost like a spiritual experience, and I fall deep into the colours of my mind. I do search for who I am spiritually in my work as this does define me as a person because I think we all do things that are/or make us feel closer to god which in turn opens our spiritual side or releases that positive energy.

My process of working for me becomes a form of meditation, because I am so tuned with the moment when I am creating, since if we do look at meditation, what is it? It’s this releasing oneself in the moment. I know this because I have practised mediation, so the principles come into play in my work. The number 8 and infinity play a major part in my paintings and design work, it first started to come through in my drawings and sculptures since one day when I was working on a project I realised the pattern I was creating which was of the number 8 and infinity.

And I very much became intrigued by what was happening in my work and allowed it to unfold itself rather me controlling it, which I feel is a good working process since you become more intuned with piece you’re making so takes you places. I believe my work is so much about my personal experiences, experiences that if you like are almost secret or very intimate details, and when expressing these intimate ideas and seeing them visually, in terms of what I feel inside makes me realise my work has many layers, layers which I am still finding out about today.

The work shown with this statement shows the way I approach the subject matter, and how I wish to define it: through colour, textures, lines, marks, and symbolism of infinity. In my paintings the reason why I have chosen red is because I am trying to create that feel of what I see in the back of my mind when I close my eyes, or when I look into myself during meditation. I see a deep, deep red almost like blood this has a sensation of depth and space.

The number 8 does have a big impact on me and involves a lot of thinking and thought process about the philosophy behind it. What the number 8 means, where it comes from, how it inhabits in my visual ideas and where can it lead me? These questions I am still learning about and find answers that only lead to more questions. But it is solely about who I am as being, as an artist and my place in the world. My working methodology consists of working spontaneously with drawings and concepts and then later on experimenting with materials that can express or relate to the subject matter.


CURRENTLY: I am producing a new body of paintings for my portfolio and any new upcoming exhibitions.



2005 – Commissioned to design and make an Award for Bramas: British Asian Music Awards to be held in London in November.


2005 – ‘Series of Paintings in Red’, Summer Solo Exhibition, at Bilston Craft Gallery, Wolverhampton.

2002 - ‘Fotografia Argenta’, Studio 95, Truman Brewery, Brick Lane.

2000 - ‘Seven: Beginning without End’, Metropolitan University of London.

2000 - ‘Klub 2000’, Exhibition at Bilston Craft Gallery ( West Midlands).

1999 - ‘Degree Show/New Designers’, Hertfordshire University & Business Design

Centre ( London).

Sukhi Chumber

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