London College of Fashion : BA (HONS) Product Development for theFashion Industries

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The project integrated all disciplines and themes of clothing product development for initial conception to final realisation. This included the organisation and management of the project, with prescribed objectives criteria, problem definition, research and preparation, realisation, evaluation and recommendations.

All consecutive stages of clothing product development, and the implementation of theory and practice, were completed as part of the project. Collaboration was with Shotgun to ensure commercial viability and validity of the product and concept.

The project combined creativity with technical expertise and strategic skills, from fabric and pattern technologies, design and sourcing, quality assurance, range planning, merchandising and project management to marketing. Flexibility, team working, organisation and communication were also essential skills, in addition to the core technologies of the product development process.


Shotgun is an established Internet based company retailing, on line,

some of the most cutting edge, one-off and hard to find fashion brands from America, Japan and the United Kingdom. Shotgun currently represent 35 brands exclusively on the Internet, handling retail sales and distribution on-line for the majority of the brands. With a focus on fashion retail, Shotgun has diversified in a range of product categories including music, film, and art. Shotgun creates a unique exclusives and collectables lifestyle point for the new multi experience generation, setting a benchmark for Internet fashion and lifestyle sites.


In order to extend Shotgun into a brand in the fashion market, in its own right, reinforce its brand identity and capitalise on the growth in the market segment, the project identified it was necessary to develop a range of own label clothing products to distinguish Shotgun as a brand, opposed to simply a multi-brand retailer and portal.

The product line developed for Shotgun is a focused menswear collection, influenced by old school and vintage sportswear pieces. Added value to the consumer is gained through key elements of exclusiveness and individuality, reflecting the brand’s identity and core values. These are important factors in the youth market as today's consumers are more individualistic and independent, searching for products that are more authentic, more real than the mass-produced products of today.

The Shotgun clothing line has been produced using authentic and natural fabrics, with the denim jeans made from Cone Japanese selvedge denim, and the tops in 100% combed cotton jersey. Enhanced by subtle design and styling details and the use of the Shotgun logo, graphics and specialist denim finishes.


The focal point of the collection is a limited edition range of exclusive graphic T-shirts that form a Shotgun collector's series. The launch of the series starts with the roots of the brand and the people that are directly involved with the Shotgun community, helping to communicate and shape the core values and identity of Shotgun.

Titled ‘The Homegrown Series’ the designs have been grown at home, home being Shotgun. They are the efforts of the staff at Shotgun to express, in a field they have no experience in, “T-Shirt design” The project is intended to give more personality and emotion to T-Shirt design by letting everyone contribute. Hand produced, the designs are high on human content.

Each graphic (supported by a personal profile) has been designed by the individual as a form of personal expression, portraying their identity and character. The design direction for the graphics was open, with the individual free to express themselves in their own way, with the T-shirt acting as a blank canvas.

The series of designs will be delivered in a seven piece format based around a simple brief. The first must contain an ‘S’, the second an ‘H’, the third an ‘O’ and so on, until when, finally displayed, the word Shotgun appears. The project focused on the launch of the concept and the first letter in the collectors series the ‘S’.

Portraying the individual's expression through the use of graphics to communicate the brand embodies an emotional value, which is particularly important. Shotgun is a web site that encounters no human contact with the consumer. The graphics help build a personal rapport and strike a chord with the market segment and help create a personality for the brand.

The aim is to create a cult brand that will build a dedicated following of both collectors and fashion consumers and to develop a product that matures in value and demand as the range and brand evolves.

The collection including enhanced product detail can also be view in the ‘Look’ section at


1998 - 2002 The London College of Fashion

BA (Hons) Degree Product Development for the Fashion Industries

1. First Class Honours

British Fashion Graduate Marketing Award Nominee 2002

Pak 2000 U.S.A. Packaging Design Award 2000

1997 - 1998 The London College of Fashion

Art and Design Diploma in Foundation Studies

1990 - 1996 Kingsbrook School

A-Level: Business Studies (B), Art & Design (B)

2000 - 2001 Levi Strauss & Co Europe, Middle East and Africa

Junior Product Manager Levi's RED TAB (Industrial Placement)

1997 - 2000 Shotgun, Clothing (

Part Time Store Manager and Assistant Buyer

Computer Skills: Advanced Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, Web Site Design and Construction, Adobe Photoshop, Micro Graphics Designer

Beginners Certificate in Japanese

Worth Global Style Network ( Monthly Trend Scout



London College of Fashion : BA (HONS) Product Development for theFashion Industries

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