Tim Burrell-Saward

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Artist Statement

My studies have enabled me to develop a keen interest in the interaction between user and product, and how emotional responses to objects are vital to ensuring their extended use.

I am also interested in the fusion of contrasting shapes and materials, as well as the integration of forms and functions, with the aim of saving space, time and materials without sacrificing style or concept.

Environmental factors are becoming increasingly important to me, although I disagree with the notion that products designed with this in mind must therefore be of lower quality or be more expensive. I would like my future designs to encompass environmentally conscious features and processes, but without these necessarily being the main selling point of the products.

I hope to carry on exploring these fields in employment, as well as to continue to develop my own personal love of the challenge of combining functional engineering with aesthetic design.

In terms of influences and inspirations, I think I’m more directly inspired by things around me rather than the work of others. I’m not saying that I don’t respect and admire my peers, it’s just that for me the world around me will always be my primary source of inspiration, and it is this world which is having the greatest influence on my developing style.


Project Descriptions

Cut & Shut

Fusion, Integration & Interaction for the Home Computer.

In essence, Cut & Shut is a move away from the beige box of the humble personal computer.

It has been designed with user in mind, encouraging the exploration of its inner-workings whilst retaining a practicality that is often lost in the market which is increasingly pushing towards integrated design.

Cut & Shut ensures that the user is completely free to determine their own desk layout, is not restricted to any particular makes of standard computer components, and is also available to make use of much larger floor space.

On a wider scale, Cut & Shut is about provoking interaction between user and product. It is about the exploration of usually unseen facets of everyday objects and the increased appreciation of a product

that this insight can herald. It’s about the integration of existing forms and the increased possibilities

in both ergonomics and aesthetics that can bring. It is about fusion of materials, styles and ideas acting together to create an object which is bold enough to demand attention, yet subtle enough for everyday use.

Most of all, Cut & Shut is based around the notion that a product should be designed to evoke a

lasting bond itself and its user; encouraging sustained use and therefore discouraging the throw-away ethos that our society has come to adopt.


Mustn’t Gumball

Tongue-In-Cheek Design at its Most Colourful.

This product is a look at the use of humour, colour & form as methods of provoking positive emotional responses from a user. Simple but fun.


Exhibitons, Awards & Articles

Innovation Awards 2004 – Runner Up

‘Plonk’ - a cheap, reusable & customisable table light created from recycled materials.

Cut & Shut has also featured in Kitchen & Bathroom Designer magazine (August Issue).

Exhibited at New Designer 2005 & private end of degree show in Brighton.

Tim Burrell-Saward

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