Tim Le Breuilly

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Lost In Crystal Canyons


Mothership Connection


The End 01


The End 02


You're Leaving There Too So


Artist Statement:
Tim Le Breuilly's work fuses his interests in the psychedelic imagery of 'hippie' culture with Shamanism and magic.
His paintings wed painterly abstraction with an illustrative style reminiscent of album covers or comic books. His compositions are intentionally skewed conglomerations, where scale, perspective and colour hang together loosely.
Mountains float in space and are dwarfed by tropical, botanical creations whilst floating orbs or cavities avoid hard line archi-structures. Creating a personal, invented place.


1998: “Four for ‘98” Group show at Berni Gallery, Jersey Arts Centre

2000: “Black Hole” Group show at Garage Theatre, Bloomsbury

2002: “Art Sauce” Group show at John Jones Gallery, Finsbury Park

May 2002: Degree Show Slade School of Fine Art
Works purchased for Royal collection in Sharjah

Nov 2002: “Ceiling Centre” Group show at Kingsland Road Hoxton

Dec 2002: “Fish Bowl” Performance and video at ‘The Foundry’ Hoxton
London’s ‘Resonance Fm’ broadcast a sound recording of this event.

Tim Le Breuilly

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