Twinkle Troughton

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Artist Statement

The work i have been doing over the last 3 years was an exploration of a style and a technique. The technique is a fusion between photography and paint and the outcome has a very Pop Art feel with the bold use of colours and black and white.


The subject matter of Rock Stars was merely an indulgence in a personal interest and there is such a vast amount of wonderful imagery in this genre that is accessable. And even though these images are initially someone elses, once they've been put through the process of becoming a painting they become something new and can highlight or accentuate elements within the photograph that are exciting, energetic or have an emotion, an action, beauty or passion.


But it ulitmately was the fusion between the two mediums that interested me the most, I liked to try and see how much I could disguise the photo until the two blurred together lewaving a puzzle for the audience to try and work out how it was created (something which I am questioned on regularly).


The work itself then took a natural turn and once I had studied my technique for a number of years the content of the painting became important again.

The work has evolved and now I create paintings that have more narritive within them. I create my own scenes which have become a way of highlightling

a subject that intrigues me; Britishness. British so called sensibilities, traditions, quirkyness, humour, cuisine and so on.


With "The Great English GardenParty" I took an event which is traditionally known for being a rarther sofisticated affair and turned it into something which I think is a more realistic represntation. The use of fictoinal characters from famous TV programmes was to use the characters in my own play and create more of a Madhatters tea party scene.


"When Pete Doherty Gets Knighted" is a play on the idea that he's in our tabloids and magazines everyday, more famous for his debourched lifestyle than his music, and yet if history is anything to go by, with the likes of ex wild rock stars such as Mick Jagger, Elton John and so on who were once very controvercial and now we call them 'Sir' then one day we'll be calling Pete 'Sir' too.


This is just the start of this new series of paintings, and while I am currently working on many more of these ideas, i'm going to continue with the Rock Star paintings for the simple reason that I just really enjoy doing them.

Twinkle Troughton

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