Waheed Pall

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chameleon moon




golden rain


inside out


mossy blue


scarab shroud


zara july 03



Artist Statement:

My painting is not immediately accessible in relation to familiar schools of graphic representation. Being an outcome of a self-taught status, interest in issues outside the purely Euro-centric cultural and social forum, and the effect of Cartesian dualism on Western thought.

Central to my work is the human face. They are "rescued images" from the disposable detritus of our consumer, friends and acquaintances. I release the face from its' original context into a wholly personal arena. That is, through a Interplay of the facial qualities and what it offers towards a dialogue with the unconscious patterns, in the form of animals, plants, geometry: the Human's connectedness with our ancestry.

Ancient, tribal, oriental, pre-renaissance occidental techniques of visual representation are correlated with a Highly Sharpened technical competence, primarily for a 'Zen-like' procedure of 'planned accidents' to 'happen' of their own accord.

Timelessness, a synthesis of the seen and unseen, the conscious and the unconscious, organic growth and decay are the visible traces that "breathe" on the paper. My aim is to engage the eye of the viewer by means of an unapologetic celebration of colour, form and natural beauty.
The development of the feminine, of the anima into the psyche, and of all that touches the soul, are essential to my thesis.

In the words of Peter Fuller

there is something wrong in our culture that says the decorative is merely a sort of expression that’s added on
our fascination with Nature is not a question of nostalgia, rather an intuitive recognition that, quite literally we and it are made of the same stuff and in the same way
a creative relationship to the Natural world is crucial if we are to survive as a species.

CV 2003

1992 - 94 royal college of art (MARCA)

1985 - 92 (self-taught youth)

1985 – 90 Mixed & Solo shows in London, Leeds, Newcastle.
1985 Royal Festival Hall New Horizons Show
Catelogue of above show in library of Institute of International Visual Art (inIVA)
1986 repeated 1987 Channel 4 documentary televised: Theme of 'Colour' explored along with echoes in Anish Kapoor's aesthetic ideology. Insight Productions.Derby.
1989: Victoria & Albert Museum: Gallery Talk:
Influence of Indian Miniatures on my work
1986 - 90 Gallery Artist with Francis Kyle Gallery
1991- 92 Royal Festival Hall. Southbank Picture:
Second Prize Winner from Open Submissions.
1991 – 92 IKON Gallery. Birmingham. One Year Touring Exhibition. The Nature of The Beast.

Hard copies of media coverage for phase ONE & TWO available on request and
electronic information on web @ www.iniva.org/library/resource/8628 & www.phoenix.org

1992 – 94 RCA
(a) Re-examination of painterly style. Experimentation with the Computer Generated Image, as medium for fine art.
(b) Society and the Sacred. Written thesis examining cultural, social & aesthetic implications of Rene Descartes' Cartesian Dualism, vis a vis non-western, ancient ideological structures, particularly the living dynamics of Hindu Anthropomorphism. This ideology (ironically) finds echoes in 20th C. Western Science, that is Quantum Physics and more recently, the Chaos Theory. Distinction Grade awarded for essay. Copy of dissertation held at inIVA library.

1994 to 1999
Creative INERTIA: Working full-time in Administrative Employment. Cerebral (not practical) debate within: examination of way-forward.

1999 to Date (current activities - post RCA)

i. Part-Time Adminstration Employment
ii. Evolution of 'new-style' of painting synthesising Phase ONE and arguments addressed in RCA Thesis.

Intermittent Participation in Mixed Shows listed below:
· Atkinson Art Gallery Southport October - November 2003
· St Martin’s-in-the-Fields London
· Phoenix Gallery Brighton
· Roadmender Artcentre Northampton
· Coninsby Gallery London
· Art for Sale. National Guardian Newspaper Initiative
· Bookjacket Illustration faber & faber (Pentagram) London

Work in private collections: UK. Holland. USA phase ONE and TWO


Waheed Pall

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