Zammerly Michelle Zamudio

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Zammerly Michelle Zamudio



I am a Filipina of mixed ancestry, have been residing in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and have just been back to the Philippines. I am an artist at heart - a poet, singer and painter.

In 1993, I recorded an album of ten songs. I was a professional singer until the time I left for Turkey. In 2001, I was invited to Turkey to paint the resort city of KUSADASI by the Turkish Travel Association (KUTAV and TURSAB). In late 2005, two of my poems will be published in the US, one titled "INCOMPLETE" through the print publication of titled, "Eternal Portraits".I work on special paper and canvass, using oil, acrylic, gouache and pastel. I paint abstracts, lansdscapes, seascapes and still life. My latest abstract brushless paintings can be viewed at Http://

Painting brushless connects me entirely with the paintings. I feel one with my paintings this way - nothing seperates me from them. Each painting moment is a 100% connection. A 100% transfer of thoughts, feelings and senses, from me, using the paint, to the paper or canvass. My soul exposed, through the images and colors.

My paintings help draw out my emotions from deep within. They take control of me. I am lost in each painting that unfolds. They transcend feelings of loss, worry, uncertainty, hurt, darkness, sympathy, persistence, happiness, life, jubilation, and a positive anticipation of the future.
What guides and inspires me to paint, is painting from my heart. I could just go on and on, until the painting comes to form on its own. Each painting is a manifestation of my innermost thoughts and feelings, a manifestation of my soul. Or perhaps, it's the other way around, the paintings consume me and my soul. The images take form on their own and just use me, as a channel - drawing, absorbing and manifesting what is within me.

My poems and writings help me express my thoughts and voice my feelings by transposing them to words. It is a source of liberation for me to be able to do so. Just like my painting, my poems and writings are part of me - my soul exposed, this time, through prose and compositions in black and white.

All these years my passion for Art has been exposed to the realities of surviving life. I had to put my passion on the side because I have to work and make a living, without having to starve as an artist. Albeit, I did my best to pursue this passion through whatever resources I personally have.

Now, I am pursuing my passion, relentlessly, as a full time artist. Life is too short.

I would like to be able to share my expressions to as many as possible. I hope through my art, poems and writings, I could show you another way of looking at things.


Thanks and best regards,



Zammerly Michelle Zamudio

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