Andy Aidar

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''Red Moon Series:Dial M for Mother''




''Pinguino Nazionale Fascista''


''White Madonna''


''Hotel Florida N.T.''


''The Baron Love Shows His Fingers''


''Rebecca Armee Fraktion''


Artist Statement:

After a time doing portraits in crayon,illustration and comics,I felt necessity to do some art that could be totally individual(and irresponsible sometimes).So,I have started doing raw watercolors in canson paper using my own cultural references.

I call it ''raw watercolors'' because my technique is almost like a violence against the paper and was developed mainly by instinct.I did it this way to find my own style from chaos.I wanted an adventure.

My references that I use for the thematic are basically old TV cartoons that I have seen all my life(like Tom & Jerry,Woodpecker,Wacky Races,Stop That Pigeon,etc, and the japanese stuff),libertine literature(specially Marquis de Sade),punk and glam rock aesthetics and the horror movies and comics.My paintings are like ''the cartoons that your sons should not see''.I think I do a kind of Dark Pop Art.


Andy Aidar

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