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Our Exhibitions at the Brick Lane Gallery:

Art in Mind Part 1

Art in Mind Part 2
Art in Mind Part 3
Art in Mind Part 4
Art in Mind Part 5
Art in Mind Part 7

Our Exhibitions at
various galleries around London:

Art in Mind part 1
Art in Mind part 2
Art in Mind part 3
Art in Mind part 4
Art in Mind part 5
Art in Mind part 6
Art in Mind part 7
Art in Mind part 8
Art in Mind part 9
Art in Mind part 10
Art in Mind part 11
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CALLING ALL ARTISTS... Art in Mind Part 9 Exhibition

Art in Mind
is an on-going platform for art and design for established and emerging talent. The ongoing series of exhibitions welcomes artists from any media across the UK and worldwide. Artshole curates the exhibitions and are currently exhibiting at The Brick Lane Gallery in London.

Our next exhibition“Art in Mind Part 9 ” will take place between the 26th February and 4th March 2007.

Artists interested in taking part please contact artinmind@artshole.co.uk

Second Space - Gallery for Hire
Second Space is a new art gallery for hire for exhibitions, events and Christmas parties at the junction of Redchurch St and Bethnal Green Rd.
For more information contact tony@artshole.co.uk, 0207 729 9721

Fashion Stories

9 February - 4th March

Image by Antoine Picard

The Brick Lane Gallery presents Fashion Stories, a glimpse into the unpublished and personal work of eight contemporary fashion photographers. Each photographer, freed from the restrictions of commercial requirements, has given carte blanche to their most personal and exclusive vision. The final exhibition ranges from the ethereal, midnight tableau-vivant of Karin Berndl, to the evocative, sophisticated portraits of Antoine Picard, to the aestheticised, tantalising strip-tease of Matthew Shave. These very different works are united by their spectacular beauty, and the underlying narrative of the exhibition evokes a feeling of serene sadness and ambiguity in these frozen scenes capturing a human approach to stylistic photography.

Fashion Stories is part of an ongoing exhibition oscillating around the Brick Lane Gallery’s calendar to coincide with London Fashion Week

196 Brick Lane | London | E1 6SA | UK
t: +44 (0)207 729 9721
e: info@thebricklanegallery.com
w: www.thebricklanegallery.com


14 th January – 14 th February 2007
Private view: Sunday 14 th January 4-8pm
Press preview: Monday 15 th January 5-8pm

Sophie Aston Shane Bradford Velika Janceva Mark Jones Rebecca Meanley-Eyre

Velika Janceva                                      revolution 2006 oil on canvas 90 x 130 cm

The five artists brought together in inertia are all harnessed by the intensive, alluring and enduring practice of painting.
Inertia the title evolved as a concept initially because we are all involved in and transfixed by a time-consuming practice: moving slowly, the ideas develop slowly. The painting process can be a long drawn-out relationship. An investigative experimental cycle of development which meanders along towards any perceived idea of completion. When it is finished this seemingly inert object - an image - requires the viewer and a wider audience to bring it to life.

Second Space Gallery
117 REDCHURCH ST, LONDON, E2 7DG , TEL: +44 (0)207 729 9721 info@secondspacegallery.com

Artshole Competition

Call for submissions
Artshole.co.uk invites you to participate in our competition ‘Chronicle’.
Artshole offers an exciting opportunity for emerging photographers to exhibit their work in a leading contemporary art gallery in East London. The final selected artists will be exhibited in a group show on 27-29 th of March 2007 at The Brick Lane Gallery.

The exhibition is open to young, thought-provoking and experimental artists, who gain inspiration from personal everyday experiences and create cutting edge photography. The title ‘Chronicle’ should be interpreted as a brief/guide for the work.

Please follow link for more information and application form...

New Artists
This month the following new artists uploaded their art Portfolios to the artshole website.
see them all please click here.... join artshole click here....

Bjorn Veno

Debbie Ryan

Lawrence Burrow

Leon Morley

Ruggero Tomasino

Sara Holt

Sevan Malik

Stephen Lamonby

Suzanne Coffey

Vincent Fraser

Tom Cyhitski

Chris Klein

Christopher Rainbow

Derek Culley

Oliver Polanski

Petra Medley

Zara Picken

Kate Wood


Char's Fund

CHARLOTTE ’S SCHOOLCHILDREN - the list of children from the Muang Phuket School, Phuket Town, Thailand benefiting from Char's Fund has just been announced...
Artshole is supporting the Charlotte Jones Fund set up to help children in their education in Thailand. All artworks have been donated by artists worldwide, 100% of the proceeds from the sales will go towards the Charlotte Jones Fund.

Buy Art and help Thai children in their education who were affected by the boxing day tsunami.
Take a look...
Donate artwork - buy artwork

View a BBC article written about Charlotte:

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