Andy Holland BA(hons)

The University of Hertfordshire, Product Design

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Artists statement:

I am a designer who has achieved a 2:1 degree in Product Design BA (hons) at
the University of Hertfordshire. I have the ability to work on both small
and large scale projects, have an eye for details and can form exciting,
interesting and aesthetically pleasing concepts. I have a variety of skills,
both technical and in terms of design techniques.I have also worked with
some well respected designers and have a varied portfolio. Contact me at the
above e-mail address for more information and C.V. requests.

Project 1 - Golf Bag re-configuration
A heavily research and ideas based project using empathic design along with
other design approaches to create a new and innovative way for golfers to
carry their golf clubs and other general golfing equipment. It is designed
to make the users experience more enjoyable and to ease the problems caused
by already existing golf bags.

Project 2 - Redesign of the electric guitar
A guitar which incorporates the design style of the Fender Stratocaster. The
function and form aspects overlap to create something which is not only
aesthetically pleasing but also designed in such a way as to be
ergonomically perfect for all playing positions.

Project 3 - RSA competition entry
A product designed for the house of the future which utilises smart
technologies to give the user a reading of their physical well being by
collecting and testing a urine sample from the users toilet. The process is
unobtrusive and means the user does not need to be any more attached to the
process as is neccessary. The results are simply shown and the user can go
into as much depth as he or she requires.

Project 4 - Illustration work
Produced as research work for Project 5 (experience enhancer). The images
were drawn by hand, scanned in and rendered in Adobe Photoshop.

Project 5 - Experience Enhancer
Designed to improve the morning experience by giving the user an experience
to look forward to and wake up to. It is a friendly personalised character
who lives inside a world owned by the user and who delivers messages from
others and introduces you to new potential friends. Small simple messages
can be sent the night before and are delivered as the user wakes.

Project 6 - Lighting
A light designed by simply playing with materials which allows light to move
freely and creates some beautiful patterns.

Project 7 - Radio
Designed to show its function through its form it is designed to show the
path of the radio waves through the air, their processing in the main body
of the unit and the firing of the sound out of the trumpets.

Andy Holland BA(hons)

The University of Hertfordshire

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