Angela Pelzl

Central St Martins College of Art & Design : MA Communication Design

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Artist Statement:
My work lives through the love for details, the respect for concept and a passion for the unusual. I¹ve been working for the web design industry for over 4 years before re-entering college in 2002 to complete my MA in Communication Design at Central St Martins. Since 2003 my work grew richer in its illustrative style and going back to print and developing an interest in textile printing paved a new work direction for me. As a graphic designer I am interested in working with interior, product and fashion designers to collaborate and to join talents and ideas. Paper is not the only interesting canvas and I am looking for new ways to present my graphical world.


A few words about the images displayed in the gallery:

Illustration/Collage for ŒDesign Is Kinky¹
This is a cover for design portal DIK, which I submitted recently. It is a study about seagulls I shot with my LOMO camera in Brighton and a series of other birds.

Illustration for Urban Collective
This is another cover for a design portal about the ŒOlympic Spirit¹, featuring the colours of my German nationality. I have chosen an organic interpretation for the sport of swimming.

3 Chair Installation
As part of my MA theme ŒIdentifying Human Gender¹ I created 3 doll cushions out of satin cotton, printed in the Netherlands with the highest quality. The designs tell the true story about a boy who was raised as a girl and served as an experiment to help clarifying the old Nature/Nurture debate. The collage consists of photography, embroidery, drawings and scans. The chairs took already part in 2 exhibition and are for sale.

T-Shirt Design ŒGM Foods¹
Funky Gandhi asked me to create an illustration for one of their t-shirts, which feature local artists dealing with contemporary social and economical issues. They sell their items on markets such as Portobello.

Harrods ŒFantasy Garden¹ Deckchair
Louis Mariette is a Chelsea hat couturier who was asked to create a deckchair for a silent charity auction as part of the ŒFantasy Garden¹ event at the department store Harrods. I art directed and designed the print for the chair.

Study with Patterns and Shapes for Printed Textiles

Curse Jive Records
Curse is a German Rap artist who needed a new look for this 2nd album. I¹ve created a warm souly look and feel throughout the areas of print and web. Check out

Seeds Logo Design
Logos and CI¹s play an important role for me as a graphic designer. Creating good trademarks that hit the spot are not an easy task my client was very content about the outcome of the logo designs for their organic salad restaurant.


Angela Pelzl

Central St Martins College of Art & Design : MA Communication Design

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