Anna Dumitriu

University of Brighton : MA Fine Art-Painting

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Artist Statement:
The paintings on canvas use mixed media and household paints which are worked into using acrylics, varnishes and mica powder. I use interference acrylics and metallic paints so the paintings change in appearance throughout the day in the different light conditions, revealing themselves fully only after some time. The paintings feature abstracted images from microscopic photography, often medical in nature, recent paintings feature Vitamin 'C" molecules. These images for me symbolise the fragility of the human condition, the constant cycle of life and science's attempts to interfere with this process.

I have collaborated with scientists on several projects, notably a Geneticist from St Georges Hospital in London, looking at cells through a microscope and at cell death and also a Neurologist from St Thomas’s Hospital, in London on a project about Encephalitis. This led to a series of paintings based on brain scans. Paintings from both of these projects were acquired by the Science Museum in London. Most recently I have been working on a commission for an Immunobiologist looking at demdritic cells. I enjoy developing links with the scientific community, in 2002 I exhibited at the Wellcome Trust's TwoTen Gallery and in late 2003 I am exhibiting my new Vitamin C Molecule paintings with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.

A well as painting on canvas I use watercolour, digitally enhanced photography, etching, installation as well as other media as appropriate to the subject. I exhibit regularly in the UK and abroad and am happy to undertake commmissions, particularly for scientists who can share some of their knowledge with me.


2003 Pfizer UK, Sandwich Kent (Sept-Nov)
2003 Brighton Festival, (May)
2003 Pavilion, Colne, (April)
2003 Facility Solutions, London (Mar-June)
2002 Brighton Festival Exhibition, Brighton (May)
2002 The Royal Society of Geneticists annual conference, London (March)
2002 The White Gallery, Brighton (February)
2001 Brighton Festival Arts & Business Award Winner, CSMA, Brighton (May)
2001 New Paintings, Seven Worldwide, London (Feb/Mar)
1999 The White Gallery Launch Show, Brighton (January)
1998 “Chimera”, Mary Ward Centre, London (March)
1998 “The Queen of a Thousand Years”, The Coffee Company, Brighton (March)
1996 “Skirt”, Phoenix Gallery, Brighton (January)


2003 Lewes Contemporary Art, Lewes (Dec)
2003 Karen Taylor Contemporary Art, Twickenham (Nov)
2003 Permanent Gallery, Brighton (Dec)
2003 Blue Wing Gallery, Kew (Nov/Dec)
2003 Multiples distributed in Tokyo vending machines through Yoke and Zoom (Nov)
2003 Mariners Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall (Nov)
2003 Salford Museum and Art Gallery, Salford (Oct-Nov)
2003 Gallery 40, Crawley (Oct)
2003 The Affordable Art Fair, Battersea Park London (Oct)
2003 Inspirations Gallery, Greenwich, London (ongoing)
2003 Fresh Art, Business Design Centre, London (July)
2003 'Originate' Refocus Now, Gallery 47, London (June-July) (Prizewinner)
2003 Challenge the Nail', Salon des Arts, London (June-July)
2003 V International Digital Art Exhibition, Havana, Cuba (June)
2003 Islington Museum, London (Feb-April)-
2003 Digi-Monde, Orleans House Gallery, Twickenham (Feb-May)
2002 Pixxelpoint, Computer Art Festival, Nova Gorica, Slovenia (November)
2002 Circus,Circus, Kobe, Japan (Nov ember)
2002 Truth and Beauty, TwoTen Gallery, The Wellcome Trust Building, London
(November2002-January 2003)
2002 IV International Digital Art Exhibition, Havana, Cuba (July-August)
2002 Galerie Espace City Garden, Paris, France (July)
2002 Cart.ed project, UK Schools Touring Exhibition
2002 Crawford Arts Centre, St Andrews, Scotland (July)
2002 Catalyst, Portsmouth (March)
2002 Gallery 40, Crawley (January)
2001 “Matter”, The British Council, Abuja City, Nigeria (November)
2001 National Acrylic Painters Exhibition, Black Sheep Gallery, Hawarden, Wales (October)— group
2001 “Interface” Scottish Touring Exhibition, Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries, Scotland
2002 Gallery 100, Brighton (June/July) — group
2001 “Unsung Heroines” The Science Museum, London (Jan-April)
2000 “Hybrid” New Greenham Arts, Newbury (November)
2000 “The Art and Science Open” New Greenham Arts, Newbury (April)
2000 “The Invisible Body”, Whiteleys Atrium Gallery, London (Jan/Feb)
1999 Artability One to One (Artists and Students), Worthing Museum (April) — group
1998 “One Week”, Public artwork for Brighton Open Market, funded by Brighton Council (November)
1998 Chance, Catalyst 4, Mountbatton Gallery, Portsmouth & British Council, Kaduna,
1998 “Now it’s Dark”, Bobos, Camberwell, London (January) — Three person show
1998 “Network AD”, Candid Gallery, The Angel, Islington, London
1997 “New Horizons”, NRG, Hastings (August)
1996 “The Museum of Hygiene”, Bank, Underwood Street, London
1996 “Revelations”(UEL teaching staff), East London Gallery

Anna Dumitriu

University of Brighton : MA Fine Art-Painting

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