Anna Sadler

University Of Wales Institiute, Cardiff : First Class Hons. Degree in Fine Art

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Artist Statement:

Pushing the boundary of painting through its three dimensionality, my relief work lunges into the viewer’s physical space.

Collecting debris from the British coastline, the viewer is forced to see, what had been, disregarded waste. The battered, broken, bruised even burnt objects that I find show the external conditions that have taken effect on them. These include the weather, sea rocks and people. The possible journey to their resting place on the shore line fascinates me. I construct ambiguous forms by inventively collaborating familiar objects.

No glue is ever used. Instead objects are physically manipulated together, resting against one another and holding each other up. The objects seem to adopt their own direction and magnetism toward each other, this continues until an ambiguous form is complete. All completed art forms are stable, hard wearing and durable for all situations and climates.

Dramatically hung away from the flat wall they look very precarious. The viewer is tempted to reach out and catch the objects in anticipation of them falling. I enjoy the fact that viewer’s can familiarize themselves with the objects I use. The viewer can therefore interact with the work on a variety of levels.

I am able to work free-lance or otherwise. I am especially interested in commission based work both on wall based relief, painting and free standing sculpture. In addition to this I organize and lead workshops for adults and children based on some of my studio techniques. I cater for a wide range of clientele adapting for age, ability etc. Please contact me for further information.

Visual 1: (slide)

Degree Show (May2003)
Installation, view 1
Various Measurements
Collected Beach Debris

Visual 2: (slide)

Degree Show (May2003)
Installation, view 2
Various Measurements
Collected Beach Debris

Visual 3: (slide)

Burnt beach debris with sole
May 2003
Approx. 40x30x30cm

Visual 4: (slide)

Mixed media, Beach Debris with boat
May 2003
Approx. 30x40x50cm

Visual 5: (photo)

Collected beach debris and pink wheel
May 2003
Approx 70x30x40cm

Visual 6: (photo)

Layered beach debris
May 2003
Approx. 40x40x30cm

Visual 7 (photo)

Collected beach debris and football
Approx. 30x30x20cm

Visual 8: (photo)

Collected beach debris and welly
May 2003
Approx 50x50x10cm

Visual 9: (photo)

Back to the sea, helmet
July 2003

Visual 10: (photo)

Back to the sea, yellow
July 2003

Visual 11: (photo)

Back to the sea, red car
July 2003


Anna Sadler

University Of Wales Institiute, Cardiff : First Class Hons. Degree in Fine Art

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