Ben Browton

1982 –1985 Goldsmiths College, London : (B.A. Honours in Fine Art)

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Artist Statement:

I have been taking photographs since the age of seven. I always found this a valuable method of documenting the world as it confronted me and as an adjunct to my continuous drawing and sketching.

Photography allowed me to record oddness whenever I came across it, which chimed in with my own state of feeling out-of-sorts with the world as I grew up.

I self-taught myself to take good pictures; paramount was composition and detail.

I actively documented my early drawings, paintings and sculpture. This taught me the basics of lighting and depth of field.

By the time I attended Goldsmiths College, photography represented a large body of my work, but I considered it informal. I studied under the stimulating presence of Richard Wentworth. From him I learned to open my eyes even wider, and to seek oddity with even greater zeal. From him I learned the value of documenting things.

I now feel that it’s a bit like being a fake photo-journalist; finding arresting images that will never change the world, but nonetheless illustrate (photo)graphically the rich tapestry and diversity of things in the world (usually through the agency of Man).

This for me is the voyeuristic hunger that I have whenever a camera is slung around my neck; I want to discover something that others might just walk past in their hurry to reach destinations other than mine. I do not care about being late – a rewarding image is worth much more than punctuality.

Solo Exhibitions

1993 ‘ParaTypes’, Hales Gallery, London
1992 ‘Fundament/Firmament’, Soho, London
1991 ‘RetroSpecTive’ Carpenters Road Open Studios, London

Group Exhibitions

1999 ‘Passion’, Gasworks Gallery, London
1998 ‘Strong Personalities’, Studio Sienko, London
1995 ‘Travelling Light’, Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basle
1990 Contemporary Arts Society Market, London
1989 ‘Angels On The Flypaper’, Diorama Gallery, London
1988 ‘Fragments Of False Houses’, PomeroyPurdy London
‘Homage To The Square’, Flaxman Gallery, London
1987 ‘The Shelf Show’, Kettles Yard, Cambridge
Kunstlerhaus, Klenzestrasse, Munich
‘X’ Show, Barbican Arts Centre, London
1986 ‘Our Wonderful Culture (Art In Ruins)’, Bloomsbury, London
Riverside Open Exhibition, Hammersmith, London



Ben Browton

1982 –1985 Goldsmiths College, London : (B.A. Honours in Fine Art)


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