Brian Humphreys

University Collage Northampton, B.A. (HONS) Fine Art.

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Tree Scapes 9 - 72" x 192", £1000, Oil on Canvas


Tree Scapes 8 - 7" x 21", £150, Pastel on Paper


Tree Scapes 7 - 56" x 108", £650, Charcoal on Paper


Tree Scapes 6 - 60" x 78", £1000, Oil on Canvas


Tree Scapes 5 - 60" x 40", £500, Oil on Canvas



Tree Scapes 2 - 34" x 48", £650, Oil on Canvas



Tree Scapes 3 - 48" x 120", £1000, Oil on Canvas



Tree Scapes 4 - 56" x 168", £800, Charcoal on Paper



Tree Scapes 1 - 78" x 60", £1000, Oil on Canvas


Man and the Landscape - 17" x 12", £120, Lino-cut on Paper


Man and the Landscape red - 17" x 12", £120, Lino-cut on Paper


Artist Statement:

My fascination with the countryside began when I moved to rural Leicestershire from inner London, which sparked a long appreciation of nature, particularly forests and woodlands. There is an intangible timeless feel, as if both life and death are at work. Forests are paradoxical; at times evoking feelings of being sheltered, at others of being hopelessly lost they can be a place of refuge or terror.

The collision of modernity as seen in man made forest planted with non-indigenous trees where nothing grows beneath, is in stark contrast, with places on the edge of these symmetrical plantings, where natural forestation, regains and reclaims its supremacy over mans interventions.

I wanted to give the impression of viewing the woods from the inside, as if being in the woods looking out towards the light and space outside.

The artist that inspired me is Caspar David Friedrich, for his romanticism and Monet for his use of paint and surface, and more recently Anselm Kieffer, and Peter Doig.


• Market Harborough Open, Council Chambers. (group), (2003).
• UCN Walgrave building, Northampton. (Permanente Display), (2002-2003).
• Derngate Theater Northampton, at the unveiling of the Princes Diana memorial (group), (2002).
• The Road Menders, Northampton. (group), (2002).
• Castle Ashby stately home. (group), (2002.
• Degree Show, Walgrave Building, Northampton. (group), (2002)
• Expression Gallery, Market Harborough. (2002).
• Croft Wingate Gallery, Market Harborough. (2002).
• Ltd Editions Gallery, Market Harborough. (2002).
• The Squire Bar, Market Harborough. (Permanente Display), (2002-2003).
• Welland Park Community Collage, Market Harborough, open, (group), (2001).
• UCN Northampton, The Gallery, Avenue Campus, (group), (2001).
• Foundation Show, Southfields Collage of Art and Design, (group), (1999).
• Market Harborough Library, (solo), (1996).


• Winner of The Desmond Vaughan Fine Arts Scholarship, Northampton. (2002).


• Harborough and Bowden Charity, Market Harborough.


Brian Humphreys

University Collage Northampton, B.A. (HONS) Fine Art.

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