Bruno Chazel

BSC Honours Product design

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Design for me is all about resolving problems.
When I work on a project, first of all I identify these problems and then I
tried to resolve them in a creative and easthetic way, keeping in mind the
market targeted.
Recently graduated in BSC Honours Product design, and holder of a BTS design
in France, I'm looking forward to work with this approach, from ceramic to
product design.

b.web project :

This project explores a new and inclusive way to enjoy the Internet. I worked with old people to see what they think of the Internet, and took
their point of view as a starting point to design a completely new device.
This device is intended to enable the use of the Internet easily, even if
you don't know computers at all.
Main problem of computers is you don't understand what they perform
(obviously, it's "virtual") so I used metaphors to give this understanding
to everybody. First of all it is a mail device, so I used the metaphor of a
mailbox, with the idea of a birdboxe added when a small bird pops up to
notice that you have received an email. So this " mailbox " is a A5 printer
as well and you can print your mails directly in turning the key in the "
lock ". Between this red box hang on a wall of your home and the wall, you
plug a book that features a touchscreen and bluetooth technology enabling
wireless connection.
I designed the interface as well that is organised about the idea of a
newspaper where you can easily find informations and know " where you are ".

" Merci " range of vessels :

RSA design awards 2002, Style Junction award
The brief was to design a range of items for Wedgwood aimed at design aware
consumers. I designed a range of mugs in white and glazed china: A mug for tea, without handle but a "double wall" so you never burn your
A lid that is a saucer as well for your tea-bag.
A "filter" to infuse your tea powder
A mug for the beer that keeps it fresh.
Two precious mugs for apérétifs.

Bruno Chazel

BSC Honours Product design

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