Cheryl Marasigan

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Artist Statement:

I am always open to learning new skills and developing myself into a well-rounded designer. I always believe in developing good ideas and have put emphasis on this during my 1st yr work. Looking foward to 2nd yr BA Graphic Design and gaining more skill with using design programs. I enjoy experimenting with typography and using tactile or unusual materials in my solutions. I like simple, direct solutions to briefs which communicate well. I am gaining more experience of using design packages.. Obsessions include cosmetics, Hollywood glamour, 80s teen flicks, Americana, fiction, fashion illustration, animation, reading and redesigning women's mags..I really just draw inspiration from anything and everything.

I have a good working knowledge of Photoshop, Quark, Illustrator, Flash and Dreamweaver.
Website coming soon.

On the lookout for work experience placement in London, especially women's editorial or a firm that designs stationery: cute and Japan-inspired graphics. The experience would be invaluable and I have a lot of vision and plenty of enthusiasm to offer.

Cheryl Marasigan


Oilship & Rustyship.jpg
Brief was to develop and design a typographic interpretation of a phrase. My phrase was an extract from fiction. I used traditional letterpress to evoke the feel of different ships, using colour and texture in typography.

Designed a 3D banner to be located outside the Design Museum, for an exhibition on Willem Sandberg - pioneer of book arts/catalogue design. I enjoyed designing the banner to reflect his use of tactile use of sensual materials and experimental typography. I also often try to incorporate a rich tactile and textural quality in my work.

A t-shirt for an exhibition on typography. The exhibition was on letterforms X, Y and Z, so I split them to make abstract shapes. I enjoy trying to achieve a clean, simplicity in design.

Sample of work I do in my spare time. I am very much inpired ny retro glamour and all things a bit kitsch and feminine.

Redesigned an article about breaking up with a friend - this single continuation page was the most successful.



Cheryl Marasigan

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