Chris Cogswell

BA (Hons.) Furniture Design with Product Design

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Artists Statement:
As a designer I strive to create products that add value to their intended
environments whether this value is cultural, functional, sociological or a
combination of the three. I also like to use materials, which have high
aesthetic values yet, are easily mass producible and readily available,
allowing me to create something that looks very expensive but that doesn't
exclude the general population from enjoying it.

Major Project:
Pix_cell Modular Garden System
The re-adaptable garden system, which brings seating and planting
opportunities to your garden, regardless of its shape, scale and situation.
This means you can create an environment which caters for your needs whether
they be leisure or horticultural in the present or future.

RSA Awards: Sun_Block, intelligent Sun Tan Lotion Packaging. The Sun_block aims to promote routine and education within the youth market
towards Sun protection, which would benefit in later life. The user removes
the lotion out of the packaging and applies it all over. This exposes a
surface, which has been treated with photochromic pigment. The colour
change, which occurs, when the pigment comes into contact with UV radiation
in the sunlight, indicates when the sun tan lotion has run its course.

Visual Language Project: Foldaway Foot spa
The idea behind this product is that it can be taken from environment to
environment with ease and adapted to fit in much like a chameleon does (the
inspiration for the visual reference). When not in use this product folds
away neatly, when required it is opened out and placed in a bowl of water or
bath the pump within the product transports water through the spa creating
jets with soothe and relax tired feet.

Outdoors Seating: Garden Seat.
The seating has hints of sculptural references and is intended as a cultural
focal point for the garden when not in use. It is intended as something that
brings value to the garden yet can be mass-produced at low cost. This
project acted as a stimulus and a starting point for my major project. Both Pix_cell and Sun_block were exhibited at 'New Designers' at the
Business Design Centre, London, and the De Montfort University Graduate
degree show, Leicester.

Any queries or for more information about me and my work don't hesitate to
contact me.

Chris Cogswell

BA (Hons.) Furniture Design with Product Design

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