Claire Henderson

Northumbria University, BA (HONS) Graphic Design

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Artist Statement:

I consider myself to be ambitious, hardworking, and reliable individual. I am equally comfortable working in a team or on my own and I believe that my energy, imagination and enthusiasm will help generate many fresh ideas. I love to come up with lively, creative solutions to any design brief. My main hobby is Aikido, which is a martial art. I am currently a blue belt and well on my way to moving to brown.

Dhuende: Brand identity 'Happy to be single'
This project was for the D&AD awards. The brief was to develop a new desirable and stylish whisky drink packaging targeting a younger audience that will introduce them to a the Glenfiddich experience. My solution to the brief was to have the Single Malt Scotch Whisky flavoured through the distillation process. The drink will be served from a 70cl bottle, which can be mixed if you want. The name for the drink is dhuende.

The brief was to re-design the original Traidcraft logo. The brief restrictions were wanted to keep the colour's yellow and green, the name and some reference to the Christ figure. My solution to the brief was to create a figure in a dynamic but welcoming posture. The main body of the figure forms a heart to symbolize the caring side of Traidcraft I kept the yellow background and the green for the figure and the typography.

Tell Tale
To produce a new visual identity for a contemporary crafts exhibition. The title was Tell Tale. The exhibition is based on allegories, which are reflected in the contemporary crafts. The identity I developed subtly gives you an visual indication of hidden messages. I did this by putting TELL in the word TALE so it read Tell Tale. I applied the new identity to a poster, private view invitation, catalogue and website.

Kwa: Exotic Animal pet food
The brief was to chose an exotic pet or a category of pets, to produce proposals for a new range of packaging food and pet accessories. The pet I chose was the Tree Frog. The name I came up with was KWA, which is what sound the animal makes. The packaging includes Tropical Mist, Spray on Supplement, Live Cricket Packaging, Substrate and Mini-Filter.


Claire Henderson

Northumbria University, BA (HONS) Graphic Design

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